How to Get Alpha Boost in Rocket League

Rocket League, developed by Psyonix, is a vehicular soccer video game that has grown tremendously in popularity since its release.

With its vibrant community and exciting competitive scene, players are always on the hunt for rare items to stand out.

One such item, the Alpha Boost, has become a much-coveted status symbol within the game. But how to get Alpha Boost in Rocket League? Let’s dive into the details.

History of the Alpha Boost

Before we go into how to obtain it, understanding the significance of the Alpha Boost is essential.

Origins and Rarity

The Alpha Boost, officially known as “Gold Rush”, was introduced during Rocket League’s alpha testing phase, way before the game officially released.

Players who participated in the alpha test were gifted this boost as a token of appreciation. Its golden aura and distinct sound make it instantly recognizable in matches, leading to its desirability.

Significance in the Community

Given its exclusivity and association with the early days of Rocket League, players who sport the Alpha Boost are often viewed as veterans and aficionados of the game.

The Alpha Boost not only offers a unique aesthetic but also stands as a testament to a player’s long-standing association with Rocket League.

Acquiring the Alpha Boost

For many, the main question remains: how to get Alpha Boost in Rocket League nowadays?

Original Method

Initially, the only way to get the Alpha Boost was by participating in the alpha testing phase of Rocket League.

However, as time has progressed, Psyonix hasn’t offered any new official ways to acquire the boost.

Trading with Other Players

Since the Alpha Boost is tradeable, one method players resort to is purchasing it from someone who originally acquired it during the alpha test. This usually involves trading forums, Discord servers, or other community hubs.

However, be wary: due to its rarity, the Alpha Boost commands a high price, often involving hundreds or even thousands of keys or credits.

Safety Tip: Always make sure to use trusted trading platforms and be cautious of potential scammers.

It’s a good idea to use middleman services or to check the credibility of a seller before proceeding with a trade.

Alternatives to the Alpha Boost

If obtaining the original Alpha Boost seems out of reach, there are some alternatives.

Titanium White Standard Boost

One popular option is the Titanium White Standard Boost. While it doesn’t have the same iconic sound as the Alpha Boost, its white trail is reminiscent of the Gold Rush, making it a suitable alternative for those on a budget.

Customization Mods (PC Only)

For PC players, there are mods available that can change the appearance of boosts in-game to mimic the look of the Alpha Boost.

However, these changes are client-side, meaning only you can see them, and other players in the match will see your actual equipped boost. Additionally, always ensure you’re using safe and approved mods to avoid any potential bans.

Conclusion: The Prestige of Alpha Boost

The Alpha Boost, with its golden trail and rich history, will continue to be one of Rocket League’s most sought-after items.

While it remains elusive for many, its legacy is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and its passionate community.

Whether you’re a proud owner of the Alpha Boost or simply an admirer, its presence in Rocket League matches will always be a reminder of the early pioneers of this beloved game.

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