How to Find Serial Number on MacBook Air

Finding the serial number of your MacBook Air is essential for various reasons, such as verifying warranty status, seeking technical support, or confirming the legitimacy of your device. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to locate your MacBook Air’s serial number easily.

Locate Serial Number on Physical Device

The simplest way to find your Mac’s serial number is by looking at the physical device itself.

1. Turn Over Your MacBook Air: Carefully flip your MacBook Air and look at the underside. The serial number is printed here, typically near the regulatory markings. It’s a string of numbers and letters.

2. Check the Original Packaging: If you have the original box in which your MacBook Air came, the serial number is also printed on the barcode label.

Using macOS to Find Serial Number

If you cannot access the physical number or prefer a digital method, macOS offers a straightforward way to find this information.

1. Click on the Apple Logo: Located at the top left corner of the screen, click on the Apple menu.

2. Select ‘About This Mac’: A window will pop up showing details about your MacBook Air.

3. Find the Serial Number: In this window, you’ll see the serial number listed, along with other details like your macOS version and hardware specifications.

Using System Report for Detailed Information

For more detailed information, including the serial number:

1. Access System Report: In the ‘About This Mac’ window, click on ‘System Report’.

2. Navigate to Hardware Section: The System Report window provides extensive details about your MacBook Air. Under ‘Hardware’, you will find the serial number along with other hardware-related information.

Using Terminal to Retrieve Serial Number

For users comfortable with command-line tools, the Terminal offers a quick method to see serial numbers:

1. Open Terminal: You can find Terminal in the Utilities folder within your Applications folder.

2. Enter Command: Type `system_profiler SPHardwareDataType` and press Enter. This command will display hardware information, including the serial number.

In Case of a Non-Functional MacBook Air

If your MacBook Air is not functional, and you cannot access the macOS or Terminal:

1. Check Your Apple ID Account: If you’ve registered your MacBook Air with your Apple ID, log into your Apple ID account online. The serial number should be listed under your devices.

2. Refer to Documents: Check any official documents that came with your MacBook Air, like the invoice or warranty card, as these often include the Mac serial number.

Knowing how to find the serial number on your MacBook Air is crucial for maintaining your device’s security and receiving proper support when needed. This guide provides various methods to suit different scenarios and preferences.

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