How to Edit Drafts on TikTok – A Simple Guide

On TikTok, you can record short videos and edit them. You can then save them as drafts, or post them for other users to see.

When you save a TikTok as a draft, it will appear on your profile page in a folder labelled ‘drafts’. You can access your drafts by pressing on the folder. You can then view your TikTok drafts, edit them, or post them.

How to Edit Drafts on TikTok

There are two main methods for editing drafts on TikTok. You can edit the video itself with enhancements and filters, or edit the video details by managing the description and tags.

In this article, we’ll explain the two methods you can use to edit drafts on TikTok.

Before explaining how you can edit drafts in TikTok, we’ll first go through how you can create drafts in TikTok.

How to Create a Draft in TikTok

Launch the TikTok app and select the plus icon in the bottom centre.


You should now be in the video creation screen. You can edit the appearance and speed of the video using the options on the right.

You can also choose how long you want the video to be by pressing the time options near the bottom. When you’re done, press the red circle to start recording.


You must record at least 3 seconds of footage before you can save it. Once you’ve finished recording, you can further edit the video or press the checkmark to move on.

You will now be shown more editing options, including text and privacy options. Further edit the video if need be, and press the ‘next’ option when you’re done. This should take you to the posting screen.


Edit the description and privacy details if you wish, and select the ‘drafts’ option in the lower left to save the TikTok as a draft.

You can also toggle the Allow Duet function to on, which will let you post your videos next to each other in a split screen function.

Edit Drafts Using TikTok

The most basic method for editing drafts on TikTok is by navigating to your drafts folder. Launch the TIkTok app and go to your profile.

There should be a drafts folder visible on your profile page. Select it to view all your TikTok drafts.


In the drafts folder, locate the TikTok draft you want to edit and press on it. You should be taken to the advanced editing options once more.

Use the editing tools on the right to edit your draft. When you’re done, you can exit the editing screen by pressing the arrow in the top left.


You will be shown a series of options. You can save the changes as a draft, quit the editing process, or continue recording. The latter option will disregard any further editing you’ve done.

Alternatively, you can choose to edit the video details by selecting the ‘next’ option. This should take you back to the posting screen.


Edit the video details, and select the ‘post’ option to post the TikTok when you’re ready.

Edit Draft Using Device

You can also choose to edit your TikTok drafts outside of TikTok. You can download the TikTok draft, and edit it using the default editing software on your device.

Launch the TikTok app and go to your profile. Open your drafts folder by selecting it. Then, press on the draft you want to edit.


Press the ‘next’ option to go to the posting screen.


Now, post the TikTok by pressing the ‘post’ option. You must post the draft first, in order to download it to your device.

If you don’t want anyone to be able to view your TikTok, press the ‘who can watch this video’ option. Make sure that the ‘only me’ option has been selected. This will make the TikTok private, and viewable only to you.

When you post your TikTok, the app should automatically download it to your camera roll. If it hasn’t done this, you can manually download the TikTok by going on your profile, and pressing on the TikTok. Select the three dots, and press the ‘save video’ option to download it.


Next, exit the TikTok app and open your photos/gallery. Locate the TikTok you just downloaded, and select it.

For iOS

Press the ‘edit’ option in the top right corner. This should take you to the editing screen. You can trim the video, edit the appearance, add filters, or flip the orientation.


When you’re done editing the TikTok, press the ‘done’ option in the bottom right. You can also choose to skip this editing process and leave the installed TikTok unedited.

Next, open the TikTok app and select the plus icon. Press the ‘upload’ option and choose the TikTok you installed.


You can now edit the draft again in the TikTok app.

For Android

Find the TikTok video in your gallery, and press on it. Select the pencil icon near the bottom to access the editing screen. You can trim the video, or flip the orientation.


When you’re done editing, press the ‘save’ option. You can also choose to leave the TikTok unedited.

Then, open the TikTok app and press the plus icon. Upload the TikTok you installed. You can now choose to edit the TikTok using the editing tools on the right.


In conclusion, you can edit drafts on TikTok by accessing the draft in your drafts folder. You can also choose to upload a video from your gallery to access the editing screen.

Or, you can download a TikTok and edit it using your default editing software. So, often you don’t need to delete drafts and create new ones – you can work with the saved TikTok drafts you have and edit them to your preference.

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