How to Duet on TikTok – Quick Guide

TikTok has a feature called Duet, which lets you post your own videos next to another video. This video can be from another user, or it could be another one of your videos.

The two videos will appear as a split screen, and play simultaneously. Users often use the Duet feature to sing duets, or react to another TikTok.

When you Duet a video, the original TikTok will be shown on the right side whilst your new video will be shown on the left side.

How to Enable Duets on TikTok

Some TikToks allow others to use the Duet feature with them, whilst some don’t. You must enable the Duet feature for a TikTok in order to let others use it in a Duet. You can only do this for your own TikToks.

You can enable the Duet feature for a TikTok by going on the TikTok app, and pressing on the profile icon. Select the ‘create video’ option to make a TikTok.


Record your TikTok, and press ‘next’ when you’re done. You should be shown a series of options.


Find the ‘allow Duet’ option, and toggle the switch for it on to enable Duet. Now, others can make Duets with the TikTok.

You can also limit who can view the TikTok, which consequently limits who can Duet the TikTok. Press ‘who can watch this video’, and choose an option.

You can allow everyone to watch it, only friends to watch it, or make it viewable only to yourself.

Alternatively, you can press on an existing TikTok you made and press the three dots. A row of options should appear.


Swipe through the options until you find the ‘privacy settings’ option. Press on it. A tab should appear. Toggle the switch for ‘allow Duet’ on to enable Duet.

You can change this setting at any time. You can also change who can view your TikTok at any time.

If you choose to disable Duet for a TikTok after Duets have already been made for it, those existing Duets will remain uploaded.

When you record a Duet, the video will be posted on your account as opposed to the original video’s account.

The Duet will not be visible on the original creator’s profile. Duets are one of the things that other apps like TikTok tend not to have as a feature, and it sets it apart from other alternatives.

How to Duet someone else’s video

You can Duet someone else’s video, or Duet your own video. We’ll first explain how you can Duet someone else’s video.

Launch the TikTok app and find the TikTok you want to Duet. Keep in mind that the TikTok may not allow Duets.

Press on the relevant TikTok, and press the share icon on the right side of the screen. The share icon appears as an arrow. A series of options should appear.


If the ‘Duet’ option has been greyed out, it means that the Duet feature has been disabled for the video.

This means you cannot make a Duet with the TikTok in question. In this case, you’ll have to find another TikTok to Duet. Once you’ve found a TikTok you can Duet, press the ‘Duet’ option for it. You should be taken to the recording screen.

Press the red circle to start recording your video. When you hit record, the original video will also start playing. When you’re done recording your video, stop the recording by pressing the red square.

On the right side of the screen, there should be a list of options. You can use these options to edit your Duet. You can flip the camera, change the speed, add filters, use enhancements, and more.

When you’re done editing the Duet, press the checkmark. You can now further edit the Duet by adding text, adding stickers, adding effects, adding filters, or enabling captions (if there’s voice audio).


When you’re ready to move on, press the ‘next’ option. Now, you can add a caption/description, edit privacy settings, and enabled comments or Duet.

When you’re ready, you can post the TikTok by pressing the ‘post’ option. Making duet videos is pretty straightforward with the TikTok app.

How to Duet your own video

You can Duet your own TikToks by going on your profile, and selecting one of your TikToks. Make sure that Duet has been enabled for the TikTok.

After pressing on the TikTok, press the three dots on the right side of the screen. A row of options should pop up. Find the ‘Duet’ option and press on it.


You should now be taken to the recording screen. Press the red circle to start recording your Duet. At the same time, the original TikTok will begin playing. This can help you sync the two videos.

When you’re done recording, press the red square to stop the recording. You can now edit the Duet by pressing the list of options on the right. When you’re ready to move on, press the checkmark in the bottom right.


You will then be shown some more editing options. When you’re finished editing the Duet, press the ‘next’ option.

You can now start editing the Duet details. You can add a description with hashtags or mentions, tag people, add links, choose who can view the Duet, enable comments, or enable Duet.


Then, you can post the Duet by pressing the ‘post’ option, or save it to your drafts by pressing the ‘drafts’ option.

How to manage sound on a Duet

When you record a Duet, the options are a bit different to the options you get when recording your own TikTok.

When you record your own TikTok, you can choose to add sound by selecting the ‘add sound’ option. When you record a Duet, you don’t get this option during the recording process.

By default, the original video’s sound will be applied to the Duet.

To edit or add sound of your choice to the Duet, you have to do so using a different method. Before you start recording a Duet, press the ‘mic’ option to enable your own sound. Then, record your Duet.


When you’re done recording your Duet, stop the recording and press the checkmark. Press the arrow to expand the options, and select the ‘volume’ option.

Here, you can edit the volume of the original video’s sound and your video’s sound.


You can also choose the ‘voiceover’ option to add a voiceover to the Duet. Unfortunately, you cannot select an existing soundtrack to add to the Duet. You can only use your own original sound or do a voiceover.


In conclusion, you can Duet on TikTok by pressing on a TikTok that allows Duets, pressing the share icon, and pressing the ‘Duet’ option. Record your Duet, edit it, and post it when you’re ready.

It’s easy enough to start a TikTok duet by toggling the Allow Duet button on. Then, other TikTok users can record a duet to your video. You can choose to allow anyone to Duet your video, or to allow only your friends this capability.

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