How to do exponents on iPhone

Though you may not think it, your iPhone calculator should be capable of handling most of the mathematical calculations you need to make.

This includes exponential calculations. So, what is the easiest way of calculating factors and exponents using the iPhone?

We’re going to look at the best way that you can use the built-in scientific calculator on your iPhone that many users don’t know is there.

How To Type Exponents On iPhone

For exponent calculations in iPhone calculators, a phone should be in a landscape orientation – not a portrait orientation.

If your phone is in portrait, you won’t be able to see the additional buttons that allow you to type exponents on your iPhone calculator.

Before you rotate the screen, make sure that the motion lock is off. You can turn portrait orientation lock off in your control centre, as if the screen assumes the vertical position, it won’t display the science calculator.

Switching to landscape mode is a quick and simple method to input exponent data on an iPhone. Normally, the change occurs on the Settings panel, in general keyboard replacement.

Creating your mathematical equation

Once in landscape mode, you can find and use shortcuts for all exponents, which means that there’s no more manually writing each exponent.

You can use the Squared symbol (x2) if you quickly want to square a number, or the Cubed symbol if you quickly want to Cube a number.

It is also possible to rectify errors by holding CTRL followed by the comma and period. You can also type square symbols as you would for math such as multiplication.

So, if you want a different exponent then you can enter the xy button followed by the number key of whatever multiplication you want to make – entering this in the text field will make that calculation.

To enter this symbol, simply click on the button for it. It’s a good way to enter a formula in iPhone, as you can usually find this quickly on your iPhone keyboard.

They are also easily typed with shortcut keys too, which can be set up on your iPhone if you plan to use exponents regularly.


Is it possible to do equations in iOS calculators?

Many iPhone users have asked this question, and the good news is that you can do exponentials with your iPhone calculator app pretty easily – this is actually one of the cool things you can do on iPhones.

You can turn your default calculator app into a scientific calculator by turning it from portrait mode into landscape – this will give you the ability to use exponents, including the squared symbol and the cubed symbol.

You should know the syntax for typing exponents to iPhones by following the above, so that when you launch your iPad calculator, you can switch to the scientific calculator in your smartphone.

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