How to delete a Genshin Impact account – Quick Guide

Genshin Impact is a largely popular mobile RPG app. Genshin Impact features one of the most high-definition graphics amongst mobile games, and has a variety of features to experience.

In order to play Genshin Impact and save your progress securely, you must make a new Genshin Impact account. This will also cause to you make a miHoYo account. This account is connected to your account, and even if you uninstall your Genshin Impact account, you won’t lose your saves.

However, you can simply delete a Genshin Impact account if you change your mind about the game. There are quite a few steps to take, but the process is quick and easy to go through.

How to delete a Genshin Impact account – Guide

First, you must go to the Genshin Impact website. You can do this by going to


Next, press the ‘log in’ option in the top right.


This will open a notice, which has login options on it. Log in to your Genshin Impact account to continue.

Then, click your name or username in the top right. This will cause two options to appear. Click the ‘account’ option to open your account settings.


This will open up the miHoYo login page. You must now log into your Genshin Impact account again. The login details should all be the same as when you logged in on the Genshin Impact site.


After logging in again, you will be able to access your Genshin Impact account settings.


Click the ‘account security settings’ tab. This will showcase the option to delete your account. Click ‘delete account’ to start the process.


A pop-up will then appear, stating that you must log in once again in order to authenticate the action. Click the ‘next’ option to continue.


Now, you will be shown another notice that showcases your login method. Click ‘next’ to continue.


Log into your Genshin Impact account again. This should be the final time you have to log into your account.

After logging in again, you should be shown a final notice. It should state that the account will be deleted after 30-days. Click the ‘ok’ option to confirm the account deletion. This the final step in deleting the account.


A notice should appear after deleting the account. It simply warns you that you’ll be logged out of your account in 15 seconds.

You can click the ‘log out’ option on the notice to log out immediately without waiting. Or, you can simply wait the 15 seconds, and log out that way.


After deleting your Genshin Impact account, you won’t be able to access your account again unless you reactivate it. If you try logging in, you will get an error message.


However, you will still be able to log in on the miHoYo website.

How to reactivate a Genshin Impact account

We’ll now go through how you can reactivate a Genshin Impact account. If you change your mind within 30 days, you can reactivate a Genshin Impact account. It’s quite a simple process to go through, and should be quick to do.

First, go to the miHoYo website to access their login page. Go to to access the login page. Log into your Genshin Impact account.


You should still be able to log in despite your Genshin Impact account being deleted. As long as 30-days haven’t passed since you deleted the account, you can still log in on miHoYo.

However, if 30 days have already passed since you deleted your Genshin Impact account, the account will be permanently deleted and you won’t be able to log in.

After logging in, you should be asked whether you wish to reactivate your account. If it doesn’t, your Genshin account deletion request may have already been processed.


Click ‘reactivate account’ to reactivate your Genshin Impact account.

After reactivating your Genshin Impact account, you can now log into the account on the Genshin Impact website.

If you ever change your mind again, and wish to delete your Genshin Impact account once more, you can just repeat the steps for deleting a Genshin Impact account.

You can delete the account again, and reactivate it in the same way as long as 30 days haven’t passed since its deletion.


Such features include voice-acting in multiple languages, 3D exploration, a chat option, and outfit customisations. The game also has an extensive story you can play through, and a range of characters to meet.

In conclusion, it’s quite simple to delete a Genshin Impact account. The process is a little long but the steps are fairly straightforward and easy to execute.

You can also reactivate the account again after deleting it if you so wish. Thus, deleting a Genshin Impact account isn’t that daunting a decision. You have time to change your mind.

However, you can only reactivate a Genshin Impact account before 30 days have passed since its deletion. After 30 days have passed, you’ll no longer be able to reactivate the account, as it’ll have been officially deleted. So, be aware of the time limit when deleting a Genshin Impact account.

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