How to create AFK channel on Discord – Full Guide

Discord is a messaging service, which allows you to create and manage group chats (aka servers).

Discord offers a wide range of features, some which help organise and manage servers. One of the most basic tools for organising servers is the use of channels.

You can create either text channels or voice channels in Discord.

Text channels allows users to send messages and media, whilst voice channels let users make voice-calls, video calls, and screen-share. Each channel should serve a certain purpose.

For example, there could be a channel for discussing or sharing music, or a channel accessible only to certain members.

How to create AFK channel on Discord – Mobile & Desktop

Another type of channel that’s sometimes used in Discord servers are AFK channels.

AFK stands for ‘Away From Keyboard’, which basically means being away from your device.

This means that you’re currently inactive on your device. AFK can be used in situations where you’re communicating with other people, such as in-game.

AFK is often used when someone is temporarily going away from their device.

It just lets other people know that you’ll be inactive for a short period of time (or as long as you remain inactive).

In Discord, servers can create channels specifically dedicated to inactive or AFK users.

AFK channels allow people to see which members are currently AFK by placing inactive members in the channel.

The channel automatically adds online users that have been inactive for a certain amount of time.

The amount of time can be customised. Discord users can also choose to navigate to an AFK channel to prevent others from contacting them.

AFK channels allows server owners and moderators to more easily manage inactive users.

They can quickly see inactive users by looking at the AFK channel. AFK channels can only be made as voice channels.

A voice channel will showcase a list of members currently in the channel. This makes it easy to see who’s currently in the channel.

You also don’t have to enter the voice channel to see the list of members. You can actively join the voice channel by clicking on it.

Unlike normal voice channels, AFK channels do not allow users to screen-share or stream.

You should also keep in mind that Discord users who are using Discord, even if it’s in the background, are not counted as being inactive.

For example, if you’re using Discord to communicate with others whilst playing a game, you’re not detected as being inactive by AFK channels.

You must not be using Discord in any way to be counted as inactive. You can have Discord open, but you must not be using any of Discord’s features.

Not just anyone can create an AFK channel on Discord. In order to create an AFK channel in a server, you must either be the owner of the server, or a member with admin permissions.

You can receive admin permissions by being assigned a certain role in the server. You can create AFK channels on Discord using both Desktop and Mobile devices.

Creating a Discord AFK Channel – For Desktop

In order to make a AFK channel on Discord, you must first create a voice channel.

Launch the Discord client, and enter the server you wish to make the AFK channel in. There should be a list of server icons to the far left of the screen.

Click on a Discord server icon to enter it. Once you’ve entered the right server, look for the ‘voice channels’ section.

It should be located in the left side tab. Beside the ‘voice channels’ heading, there should be a plus icon. Click on the plus icon to create a new voice channel.


A window should pop up, showing some options for the new channel. First of all, make sure to select the ‘voice channel’ option. Then, name the channel ‘AFK’ or something to that affect.

You should also ensure that the ‘private channel’ option is disabled. The switch for it should be grey.

If it’s green, click on it to disable the option. When you’re done with the channel options, click ‘create channel’.

Next, locate the server icon and right-click on it. A list of options should appear.

Click on the ‘server settings’ option. Then, select the ‘overview’ option from the left side tab.


Locate the section for ‘inactive channel’, and click on the drop-menu beneath it.

There should be a list of voice channels showcased. Select the AFK channel you created.

Now, look underneath the section for ‘inactive timeout’. Click on the drop-down menu underneath it, and select a time duration.

This time duration will be how long a user must be inactive for, before the AFK channel can add them.

If a user if inactive for more than the specified duration of time, the Discord will place them into the AFK channel.

When you’re finished with the Discord server settings, click ‘save changes’ to apply the changes.

For Mobile

Open the Discord app, and enter the server you wish to make an AFK channel for. You can access your list of servers by selecting the three lines in the upper left.

Press on a server icon to enter the Discord server. Now, on the left side tab, find the ‘voice channels’ section. Press on the plus sign beside the heading.


Name the channel ‘AFK’ and select the ‘voice channel’ option. When you’re finished, press the tick icon in the top right to create the voice channel.

You can also do this with an existing voice channel if you already have one created.

Next, locate the Discord server name in the left side tab. Beside the name, there should be three dots.

Press on the three dots, and select the ‘settings’ option to access the server settings.


Navigate to the ‘overview’ tab, and press on the ‘inactive channel’ option. A tab should pop up, showcasing a list of voice channels.

Select the Discord AFK channel you made.

Then, press on the ‘inactive timeout’ option, and choose a time duration. If a user if inactive for the set amount of time, the AFK channel will add them.


In conclusion, you can create an AFK channel on both Desktop and Mobile.

You must first make a voice channel to act as the Discord AFK channel, and make it an inactive channel in the server settings.

It’s generally pretty easy to create channels within Discord. Whether you’re looking to make a private channel, a welcome channel or in this case, creating a channel for when you’re away from your keyboard.


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