How to check Amazon gift card balance without redeeming it

Receiving an Amazon gift card as a present from a loved one can be a really nice gift because it allows you to pick exactly what you want rather than receive something that you perhaps don’t want or need.

Given that Amazon stocks just about everything on the planet, you essentially have a free choice of anything you want when it comes to spending the gift card.

Before you go online and use your Amazon gift card, you will need to know what the balance is so you can search for items within that budget.

In this article, we are going to explain how you can check your Amazon gift card balance without redeeming it.

3 ways to check your Amazon gift card balance without redeeming it

First things first, you can’t really unredeem an Amazon gift card.

There are three ways to check the balance of an Amazon gift card before redeeming it, all of which depend on a few factors.

This includes how you obtained the gift card and whether the gift card was sent to you electronically or physically.

Option 1: Check the serial number or receipt

The first option is only available if you received the gift card physically, where you can check the serial number or receipt for the gift card.

Typically, the person who has given you the gift card will include the receipt in the gift due to the fact it includes key info on how to redeem it and how much it’s worth.

If this is the case, then simply read the receipt and look out for information relating to gift card balance. This is how you can check your Amazon gift card balance with the serial number.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to check Amazon gift card balance with serial number online without using it.

Option 2: Ask the purchaser to view Amazon gift card balance without redeeming

This option is available to you regardless of how you’ve received the gift card, however, it may make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Basically, all this method involves is asking the person who gifted you the card how much they’ve put on it. It may seem potentially awkward but it’s also the quickest way of finding out without redeeming it.

Option 3: Get in touch with Live Support

This option is also available to you regardless of how you’ve received the gift card. This method involves you logging on to your Amazon account on a web browser and messaging the live support via this webpage.

Once connected to an agent, explain that you want to know how much you gift card is worth and as long as you provide a few details relating to the card the agent should be able to let you know accordingly.

Amazon support chat

So, it can be a little awkward to check your current gift card balance if you haven’t redeemed it yet, but if you have the gift card claim code, you can usually work it out.

How to check your Amazon gift card after you’ve redeemed it

Though it’s not always possible as you may want to send the Amazon gift card as an email, it’s much easier and more straightforward to find out the balance of you Amazon gift card once you’ve redeemed.

This is the same whether it’s a free gift card or a physical gift card too.

We understand that you be wary of doing this before knowing what you want to spend it on, but Amazon gift cards have a ten year expiration date – so you don’t need to worry about losing the balance altogether by redeeming it too early.

In fact, we would recommend you loading the balance up as soon as you get it to ensure you don’t misplace the card and lose out that way.

To check your Amazon gift card once you’ve redeemed it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account on a web browser.
  2. Select your account name on the top right hand of the screen and then select ‘your gift card balance’ from the drop down menu.
  3. This screen will then display how much you have left on your gift card balance.

You will also be able to top up your gift card balance here, as well as redeem any other Amazon gift cards that you have in your possession.

redeem gift card

Just click the ‘redeem a gift card’ button and then enter in your 14 or 15 digit claim code to do so.

What to use your Amazon gift card on?

Once you’ve redeemed your Amazon gift card and discovered what the balance is, it will then be time to spend the money wisely.

It can be dangerous just signing your debit card up to your account, as you can easily spend more than you can afford – which is why getting a gift card makes so much sense.

Amazon has a huge catalogue of products, which can make it overwhelming at times – here are the best three things to use your Amazon gift card on that you may not have though of:

  1. Amazon Prime Video: You can use your gift card to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for x amount of months depending on the balance. Instead of purchasing something random from Amazon for the sake of it, why not enjoy top tier television instead?
  2. Kindle. Use your gift card to purchase books for your kindle. This is a particularly good option if you are heading away on holiday and are looking for something to read by the pool.
  3. Audible. Audible provides users with audio books – something perfect for the morning commute to work. Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase these audio books.

These are some of the things that you can purchase with an Amazon gift card. Though, you may want to find out how much your amazon gift card is worth beforehand.


To conclude, finding out your Amazon gift card balance is actually a lot easier once you’ve redeemed your gift card.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find out before redeeming – follow our instructions at the top of this article to do just that.

These gift cards are fantastic presents and we hope the information within this piece has cleared up a few issues around balance, redemption and purchasing.

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