How to change your Steam username – Is it possible?

Steam is a famous platform for gaming, which provides a large quantity of video games for players around the world. Users can buy these games, and play them using Steam’s own game launcher.

In order to use the platform, one must create a Steam account. Each account requires you to input a username, email, and password.

How to change your Steam username

After creating a Steam account, you may change your mind about the username you chose. This may be due to the fact that you made your account a long time ago, or you may simply wish for a change of pace.

Unfortunately, you can’t alter your Steam account name. The name you chose when you created your account will forever be tied to your account, and there’s no way for you to change this.

However, you can change your profile name whenever you wish. This is the name that’s visible to your friends and other users on Steam.

Your profile name will also be shown on your tabs and settings in the Steam app and your profile page. It’s also referred to as your Display name.

In order to change your profile name, open the Steam app. Hover over your account name tab. Click ‘profile’. Then, click ‘edit profile’.


Scroll down until you find the section for ‘profile name’. Input the profile you wish to have. You can also input something in the section for ‘real name’ if you so wish.

Once you’re finished making changes, scroll all the way down and click ‘save’.


After changing your profile name, you may wish to remind yourself of your account name if you happen need it.

For instance, you may need it to log into your account. Your account name will not be visible on your profile. You can view your account name by going to Steam > Settings > Account.

Alternatively, you can view it by clicking on your profile name in the top right. Next to ‘log out of account’, your account name should be visible.


Fortunately, you don’t need to connect to the Steam network to be able to change the profile name on your account.

So, what is my Steam ID?

Each Steam account is also assigned a Steam ID. This is unique to your account, and usually comes in the form of a 17 digit number.

Your Steam ID may be required in certain circumstances. If so, you can find your Steam ID using the Steam app when you open it.

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Open the Steam app, and click your profile name in the top right. Then, click ‘account details’. Your Steam ID should be shown underneath your account name.

You can also claim a custom URL by going into Edit Profile. This will allow you to create a URL specifically for your Steam profile when other Steam users find your profile.

Deleting your Steam account – The only option

If you truly wish to change your account name, you’ll have to start a new Steam account. When starting the new account, you can use the account name you have in mind to create it. If you want a fresh start when creating your new account, you may wish to delete your old account.

Keep in mind that deleting your Steam account will also delete your game licenses, your account details, your activation keys, your posts, and your mods.

This means that you’ll lose access to all the games on that account. You won’t be able to reuse any activation keys either as they can only be used once. Think carefully before deciding to delete your Steam account.

In order to delete your Steam account, go to Scroll all the way down, and click ‘proceed to account deletion’.


You will be taken to the account deletion request form. Fill in your details.


The form will require you to provide Proof of Ownership. This usually comes in the form of payment information you’ve previously used on the Steam account.

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The second half of the form asks you to input payment details and invoice details for a Steam purchase. Fill in the relevant details, and click ‘send’ when you’re done.


Now, you’ve submitted a request for account deletion. Your request will be approved once Steam has verified all the details you filled out.


In conclusion, there is no way to change your account name on Steam. However, you can alter your profile name whenever you want.

This will be the name that’s displayed to your friends on Steam. The name will also be visible on your Steam profile. Your account name will be hidden from these interfaces.

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