How to change your nickname on Discord – The Guide

In Discord servers, you can change your nickname. This nickname will appear only in the specific server you changed it in. You can have a different nickname for each server.

A nickname is essentially your display name in Discord. It will be what other users see your username as. However, they will still have to use your actual username to @ you in chat.

By default, your nickname is set to your username. If you don’t set a nickname or set it as blank, your nickname will just be your username.

How to change your nickname on Discord

You can change your nickname using both Desktop and Mobile devices. You can change your nickname on either the Discord app or the Discord website.

There are two methods for changing your nickname in Discord. We’ll start by going through the main method for changing your nickname.

Using Server Settings

The most basic method for changing your nickname in Discord is by using the server settings.

On Desktop

Go on Discord and enter the server you want to change your nickname for. On the left side tab, click on the arrow icon next to the server name.

A list of options should appear. Select the ‘edit server profile’ option.


You should then be taken to your server profile page.


In the nickname section, type out your chosen nickname. When you’re finished, click the ‘save changes’ option to apply the changes.

You can always change the nickname if you decide that you don’t like it. Make sure to avoid changing it too much in a short period of time as you can only change it so much.

You can even choose to change another member’s nickname. As long as you have permission to manage nicknames, you can change another user’s nickname.

Just find the member you want to change the nickname for, and right-click on them.


Select the ‘change nickname’ option to change their nickname. When you’re done, click ‘save changes’ to confirm the changes.

On Mobile

Open the Discord app and enter the server you want to change your nickname for. Swipe left to access your list of server icons, and press on a server icon to enter the server.

In the left side tab, select the three dots near the top of the screen. A new tab should pop up. Scroll down on the tab, and select the ‘edit server profile’ option.


You should then be taken to the server profile page.


Enter you new nickname in the nickname section, and save your changes.

Using Commands

The second method for changing your nickname in Discord is by using slash commands.

Simply open up Discord, enter the server you want to change your nickname for, and type out /nick in a text channel. Then, proceed to type out your new nickname. For example, /nick Majesty.


Once you’re finished typing out your new nickname, press the Enter-key or arrow icon to send the message. Your nickname should now have changed.

How to find a Discord username

After changing nicknames, it can get confusing as to what everyone’s true usernames are. You can only mention users through their usernames, so it’s important that you’re aware of what they are.

Luckily, there is a way to find out what a user’s username is. Just simply enter a server and look at the right side tab. There should be a list of members displayed.

Find the member whose nickname you want to know, and click on their username. A small window should appear.


On that window, their username should be displayed underneath their nickname. If they don’t have a set nickname, the window will only display their username.


In conclusion, you can change you nickname in Discord by editing your Discord server profile within your user settings. Or, you can use a slash command to change your nickname.

You will need change nickname permission to do this in your Discord account, which means you need to be the Discord server owner. You can do this via the Desktop app or via the Discord mobile app too.

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