How to change the colour of your name on Discord

Discord is a messaging platform with a very large userbase. Users can make their own servers on Discord, and invite others to join through invite links. Servers can hold any amount of members as the limit can increase if requested.

You must have a Discord account to use the platform. When creating an account, you’ll need to enter your email, password, and username. You can even customise your account by setting a display name, changing your status, and assigning yourself a role.

You can also alter your username after creating your account – you can make your Discord name blank, and if you want, you can change the colour of your username too. There is no real in-built method for changing the colour of your name on Discord, but there is a roundabout way of achieving it.

How to change the colour of your name on Discord

Your username can change if you assign a certain role to yourself. Roles can be assigned a colour, so members that are assigned a role will have their usernames change to that colour. Roles can only be created and assigned within servers.

You must also have admin privileges in the server, otherwise you won’t be able to create or assign roles. Changing the colour of your name on Discord can help others easily identify you. It’s a nice way of organising server members, especially in larger groups.

You can change the colour of your Discord name on both Desktop and Mobile.

For Desktop

Launch the Discord client, and look at your server list. It should be on the left side of the screen. Locate a server you have admin privileges in, and right-click on it.

Select the ‘server settings’ option. On the left side tab, click the ‘roles’ tab. You should now be taken to roles settings.

Select ‘create role’ to make a new role.

In the ‘display’ tab, you can name the role. This is mandatory. By default, the role will already have a name. To edit the name, click on the input box beneath ‘role name’.

Once you’ve named the role, choose a colour to assign to the role. This will be the colour your Discord name changes to when assigned the role.

You can select one of the default colours, or choose a custom colour by clicking on the colour-picker. When you’re finished editing the role, click ‘save changes’ to apply the changes.

Now, you can assign the role to yourself. In the server settings, navigate to the ‘members’ tab. Here, you will find a list of server members. Locate your username, and click on the plus icon next to it.

A small tab should then appear, showcasing a list of the server’s roles. Each role’s colour is displayed next to their name.

Find the role you wish to assign to yourself, and click on it. The role has now been assigned to you, and your username should now match the role’s assigned colour.

You can assign multiple roles if you wish, with each of them getting a custom colour. The members of your Discord server will also have different colour names depending on the roles you assign to them.

For Mobile

Open the Discord app, and select the three lines in the upper left. A side tab should appear. Near the top of the side tab, the server name should be displayed.

Press the three dots next to the server name, and select the ‘settings’ option. You should now be taken to the server settings. Scroll down until you find the ‘roles’ option, and select it. Press the ‘create role’ option. You can now edit a new role.

You can change the role’s name in the ‘role name’ section, and assign a colour to the role in the ‘role colour’ section.

You can select one of the pre-set colours available, or choose your own colour by pressing the colour-picker icon. When you’re done, press the ‘save’ option.

When you’re finished editing the role, press ‘create role’ to officially make the role.

Now, you can assign the role to yourself. Go back to the server settings and go to the ‘members’ tab. Find your username and press on it. Then, press ‘edit roles’ to see a list of available roles.

Select the role you wish to assign to yourself, and press the ‘save’ option to finalise the changes. Your username should now be the same colour as the role’s assigned colour.


In conclusion, you can change the colour of your Discord name by assigning a role to yourself. Each role can be assigned a colour of your choice.

Any member that’s assigned that role will have their username match the colour of that role. There is no in-built way of altering the colour of your Discord name, so you can only alter it through this roundabout method.

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