How to Change Shipping Address on eBay

In a world that’s constantly moving, ensuring your eBay packages arrive at the right location is crucial.

Whether you’ve recently moved, are sending a gift, or simply need your latest purchase sent to your office instead of your home, updating your shipping address is a fundamental step.

This article meticulously walks you through the process of how to change your shipping address on eBay before and after placing an order.

How to Change Shipping Address on eBay Before Placing an Order

Before diving into the steps, it’s worthwhile to understand why updating your shipping details on eBay is essential.

It not only ensures a seamless delivery process but also saves you from the hassle of redirecting packages once they are on the way.

Let’s navigate through the process of updating your shipping address on eBay before you hit that “Buy It Now” button.

Accessing Your eBay Account

To commence, you need to log into your eBay account. Once logged in, hover over your name at the top left corner of the screen, and a drop-down menu will appear.

Select “Account settings” from the list of options, which will lead you to a new page.

Navigating to the Addresses Section

On the account settings page, look for the “Personal Information” tab on the left-hand side. Within this tab, find and click on the “Addresses” section to proceed.

Updating Your Shipping Address

Here, you will find various address options. Click on “Update” next to the Shipping Address.

Fill in your new address details in the fields provided and save your changes. It’s advisable to review the information for accuracy before saving.

Changing Shipping Address on eBay After Placing an Order

In instances where you’ve already placed an order but need to amend the shipping address, the process is slightly different. Let’s explore how to change shipping address on eBay post-purchase.

Contacting the Seller

Once an order is placed, eBay doesn’t allow direct modification of the shipping address for security and privacy reasons.

However, you can contact the seller directly to request an address change. Navigate to the “Purchase history” section under “My eBay,” find the item in question, and select “Contact Seller” to explain your situation.

Canceling and Reordering

If the seller has not yet shipped the item, they might agree to cancel the order allowing you to reorder with the correct address. While not all sellers may accommodate this request, it’s a feasible solution.

Checking the Address on PayPal

If you’ve used PayPal for your purchase, it’s imperative to ensure that the shipping address on PayPal matches the one on eBay. Here’s how to go about it:

Logging into PayPal

Log in to your PayPal account, and navigate to the “Settings” icon. Under the “Settings” menu, find and select the “Payments” tab.

Updating Address Information

In the “Payments” tab, you will find a section for managing your automatic payments. Make sure the address listed here matches the updated address on eBay. If not, follow the on-screen instructions to update it.


Changing your shipping address on eBay is straightforward when done before placing an order.

However, it requires communication and possibly the cooperation of the seller if done afterward.

Ensuring your eBay and PayPal addresses match is also a fundamental step to guarantee successful delivery.

By adhering to these steps, you can look forward to receiving your eBay purchases at your desired location, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

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