How to change font on Discord – Quick and easy method

Discord is a messaging app that offers a range of features for organising and customising your user experience.

You can manage Discord servers with the use of categories, channels, and roles.

You can also customise Discord’s user interface by altering the theme, adjust your zoom level in Discord, and even change your font.

Discord allows you to tailor its appearance to suit your needs – here’s how you can take that to another level by adjusting your font.

How to change font on Discord

Discord uses the font Uni Sans by default. You may find the font too difficult to read, or you may just dislike the font’s appearance.

Unfortunately, there is no real method for altering the font type in Discord. Instead, there are options for modifying the font in other ways.

You can change the font’s size, change the spacing between message groups, and change the zoom level. You can also make the messages you send bold, italic, underlined, or crossed out.

You can customise the font to quite a high degree with these methods. You just can’t choose to have a different font for the text.

If you really want to use a different font in Discord, you can make the messages you send appear in a specific font by formulating it into code.

This won’t affect the other text on the screen, and the message will only appear in the one font.

Other methods for altering the font type in Discord requires third-party sites.

You can look at BetterDiscord if you want to change your default Discord font – the whole intention of BD is to add customization to your user interface.

If you don’t want to download the BC app, then you can use a standard font generator to change to different fonts for one time only projects.

A website like Exotic Fonts will allow you to edit font size and font style for a one-time project.

In this article, we’ll mainly focus on the customisability options that are available in Discord for font.

We’ll discuss how you can change the font’s appearance in the settings, and the different ways you can formulate text.

Customisability Options

Firstly, we’ll go through the customisability options available for font. You can find these options by opening Discord, and selecting the gear symbol next to your username.

Click on the ‘appearance’ tab to access the font settings.


Scroll down on the page until you find the section for ‘font scaling‘. There should be a slider beneath the section. The ‘font scaling’ slider controls the font size.

The higher the slider is, the bigger the font. By default, the slider is set to 16px. All the default options are marked in green.

You can change the slider’s position by clicking on one of the font sizes. You can’t move the slider to an unmarked position.

When you change the slider’s position, remember to scroll back to the top of the page to see the text example.

The example appears as a screenshot of some text in Discord. As you change the font settings, the text in the example will change.

Check the example to see if the text looks the way you want it to. If not, try another font size.

Beneath the font scaling option, there should be a setting for ‘space between message groups‘. This slider affects the size of the space between different messages.

For example, when two messages by different users are sent into a text channel, there is a space separating the messages from each other.

The different messages are the so-called ‘message groups’. By default, the space size is set to 16px.

The higher the size, the larger the space will be. You can change the size by clicking on one of the other sizes.

You can look at the text example to see if the new space size suits your tastes.

The final customisability option is the ‘zoom level‘ setting. The zoom level refers to how zoomed in you are on Discord. By default, the zoom level is set to 100.

You can choose to zoom out by selecting a lower zoom level, or zoom in by selecting a higher zoom level.

Changing the zoom level will affect the whole interface’s size. This includes all the font in Discord, and isn’t limited to the message font.

Formatting Options

Now, we’ll go through the different ways you can formulate text in Discord.

Firstly, you can make the text you send out bold in appearance. When you’re typing out your message, place two asterisks * before and after the message.

For example, **I hope you’re all doing well**. On a keyboard, the asterisk can usually be accessed by pressing Shift + 8.

When you’re finished typing the message, the text should appear as bold in the input box. Send the message by pressing the Enter-key.

You can also make your messages italic. There are two ways to achieve this.

The first method is by typing one asterisk before and after your message. For example *I had a great day*.

The second method is by typing an underscore before and after your message.

For example, _I had a great day_. The underscore can usually be accessed by pressing Shift + –.

You can choose to underline your messages as well. Simply two underscores before and after your message to underline it. For example, __Discord is great__.

Finally, you can cross out your message by typing two tilde symbols before and after your message.

For example, ~~That was great~~. The tilde-key can be accessed by pressing Shift + #.

Crossing out text means there will be a line running across the text. The text should still be legible.


In conclusion, there is no in-built method for changing font types in Discord.

Instead, you can change the font size, the spacing between messages, and the zoom level. You can also format text to make it bold, italic, underlined, or crossed out.


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