How To Become A YouTube Gamer

YouTube being one of the biggest platforms on the planet and a hub for near everyone. From your gamers looking for tutorials to your cooks looking for recipes, everyone uses the website for a whole range of varying reasons but only a few can truly become content creators.

YouTube works on a basis where anyone can make an account and uploads videos. It is essentially a community website where the company makes money from the adverts which go on the videos.

A great system and a clearly very successful website. The good part about all this, is that YouTube creators essentially get a cut of the ad revenue that YouTube makes from the adverts on their videos. The better the videos do, the better YouTube does and the better the creator does.

This leads to many wanting to be a creator, it’s definitely becoming a noteworthy profession even. But the real question is what content to make?

How to become a YouTube Gamer

Becoming a content creator centred around gaming is a very difficult career to break into. There a are a lot of people trying to do this and as such your biggest strength is going to be your ability to stand out. Not as hard as you may think however…

The one thing that this will take is hard work. There are a few things you can do which we’ll discuss here in a moment, but they are going to be difficult. In order to attract viewers, it’s not as simple as starting up your recording device and playing a few games. You have to entertain, and you have to keep an audience’s attention. Remember that in order to best perform on the website your content has to keep your audience’s attention for the full duration of the video ideally. If you make a clickbait video that everyone clicks off of very quickly then your video will be lost as YouTube will not be recommending it to viewers.

So, what do we need to become a gamer on YouTube?



First thing you’ll need is some level of ability in games. You can of course make gaming content without playing games in the form of news segments but if you want to be known for your gameplay and associated prowess then you need to have some level of competency in the games you’re looking to create videos around.

Now, here’s where it changes up a bit. It depends on what type of content you’d like to make. If you’re looking to make walk throughs of first impression videos of new releases, then it certainly helps to be a good gamer so give your audience a better indication of the difficulty the game possesses but you don’t exactly need to be the best in the world. The other side of this is if you are looking to become known for your incredible gameplay. This would make the content creator side less important as your main selling point is going to be your individual prowess, however this does mean you will need to be spending a lot of time mastering your game. Whether you’re a speed runner or a CS:GO pro it takes a lot of dedication to stay at the top of your field.

So, once you have an idea of what your content will be based around, we need a way of recording it…


So, there’s two key pieces of software you’re going to need. The first, is recording software, this is going to be something similar to Bandicam which will allow you to record your gameplay and webcam if you choose to use one.

The second is going to be some editing software, depending on what type of content you’re going to be producing it will depend on the sort of software you need. Editing your YouTube videos properly can be a massive factor in the success or failure of any influencer.

For example, if you’re doing highly edited content such as news or discussion based content where a lot of different cuts are going to be needed and potentially a lot of effects then a more substantial software will be more beneficial. However, if you were producing vlog type content or playthrough content you could probably get away with something simpler.

Ongoing expectations

As a YouTuber, especially in the gaming niche your biggest and most important trait is going to be producing good content. Creating quality content means you audience will do the job of sharing you and viewing your videos. Extra effort on your part to create content will save you a lot of time once the video is uploaded.

Next, is going to be consistency, it’s not going to get you the whole way there, but results show that a consistent upload schedule improves your viewer count and viewer retention. If those subscribers know when to check for one of your videos, then they’re much more likely to be viewing. If you’re consistent, your viewers are consistent.


In conclusion there are an infinite number of measurements for success when it comes to gaming on YouTube. Primarily you’re looking to make the best videos possible and uploading as consistently as possible.

It is very difficult but making your content as interesting and unique as possible is going to be the way forward as far as generating interest to your videos.

When first starting out will be the toughest time. But if you have a passion for creating great content then you will only go from strength to strength and your progress will be exponential. You get more viewers, more fans and therefore more people sharing your videos to friends.

We hope this article has been helpful and the best of luck in your YouTube career.

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