How to Avoid Ticketmaster Fees: A Guide

The live entertainment industry has witnessed an incredible shift in how tickets are purchased and distributed, with platforms like Ticketmaster leading the way.

While it provides a secure and trusted platform for purchasing tickets, the fees associated can sometimes be quite substantial.

However, there are strategies you can employ to mitigate or even bypass some of these fees. In this guide, we delve deep into how to avoid Ticketmaster fees.


Ticketmaster is an established player in the ticket sales and distribution sector. But as with many services, convenience comes at a cost.

Additional fees can quickly add up, making what seemed like a reasonably-priced ticket suddenly feel like a luxury expense.

Here, we’ll provide you with practical tips, grounded in both research and first-hand experience, on how to navigate the platform and potentially save on those additional fees.

Understanding Ticketmaster’s Fee Structure

Before devising strategies to reduce costs, it’s essential to understand what these fees are and why they exist.

Service Fees

Every ticket you purchase on Ticketmaster typically comes with a service fee. This fee covers the cost of providing the service, which includes everything from customer service to the technology that powers the platform.

Delivery Fees

Whether you’re getting your ticket digitally or through traditional mail, there can be associated costs.

Digital tickets may come with a processing fee, while mailed tickets may incur shipping and handling charges.

Venue Fees

In some cases, the venue itself may tack on additional charges. These can be related to maintenance, facility costs, or other overheads that venues need to cover.

How to Navigate and Reduce These Fees

Armed with knowledge, it’s time to strategize on reducing or avoiding some of these fees.

Buy Directly From The Venue

In many cases, purchasing tickets directly from the venue can help you sidestep some of the service fees Ticketmaster imposes. Always check the venue’s official website or box office before making a purchase.

Participate in Pre-sales

Joining fan clubs or artist-specific mailing lists often gives you access to pre-sale ticket offers.

These offers sometimes come with reduced fees or package deals that can be more cost-effective.

Opt for Digital Tickets

Choosing digital tickets over mailed ones can save you on delivery fees. Besides, it’s environmentally friendly and often more convenient.

Consider Package Deals

Some events offer package deals that bundle tickets with other amenities. While the upfront cost might seem higher, the value provided can offset the fees you’d pay on individual purchases.

Attend Events at Off-Peak Times

Events held during off-peak times might offer tickets at reduced rates. Not only can you potentially avoid some fees, but you might also score tickets at a discounted price.

Alternative Ticket Platforms

If you’re feeling adventurous and are willing to venture outside of Ticketmaster, several alternative ticket platforms might offer competitive prices.

Resale Sites

Platforms like StubHub or SeatGeek allow users to resell their tickets. While these sites also charge fees, savvy shoppers can sometimes find better deals, especially close to the event date.

Local Classifieds

Sites like Craigslist or even local bulletin boards can be gold mines for tickets. While this method requires more caution (always meet in public places and avoid cash transactions), it can lead to significant savings.

Raffles and Giveaways

Keep an eye out for local radio stations, blogs, or fan sites that might be hosting ticket raffles or giveaways. Winning isn’t guaranteed, but it’s a fun way to potentially score fee-free tickets.


The journey to understanding how to avoid Ticketmaster fees is a blend of research, timing, and sometimes, luck.

By being proactive, staying informed, and exploring all available avenues, you can enjoy live events without the weight of unnecessary fees.

Remember, the live experience is invaluable. With these tips, it’s possible to make it a bit more affordable.


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