How to Air Dribble in Rocket League

The art of controlling a virtual car while juggling a giant soccer ball mid-air, all in the vibrant universe of Rocket League, is something that amazes both players and spectators.

But how do the top players execute the mesmerising manoeuvre known as the “air dribble”? Let’s dive deep into this intricate skill, and get you on the path to mastering it yourself.

What is an Air Dribble?

Air dribbling in Rocket League refers to the technique where a player controls and pushes the ball in the air, usually towards the opponent’s goal, using consecutive touches.

It’s a combination of precise car control, boost management, and ball prediction. This skill is considered advanced and is the hallmark of experienced Rocket League players.

The Origins of the Air Dribble

Rocket League has always been a game of flair, precision, and physics. Early on, players discovered that with the right momentum and angle, the ball could be controlled mid-air.

As players honed their aerial skills, they began chaining multiple touches, thus giving birth to the air dribble.

This technique became prominent in competitive play and is now a staple for any professional Rocket League player.

The Mechanics Behind “How to Air Dribble Rocket League”

Understanding the basic mechanics of the game is essential. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Setup: Begin with a solid first touch that pops the ball upwards but not too high. This is typically done from the wall or ground.
  2. Launch: Immediately after, jump and tilt your car back slightly, pointing its nose towards the ball.
  3. Control: Use a combination of boost and steering to maintain close proximity to the ball. The key is to feather your boost, not hold it down continuously.
  4. Direct: Aim for consecutive touches, keeping the ball lofted and moving in your desired direction.
  5. Finish: Ideally, guide the ball into the opponent’s net, or set up a teammate with a pass.

Boost Management

This cannot be stressed enough: managing your boost is crucial. The common mistake many players make is exhausting their boost too quickly.

Feathering, or pulsing, the boost allows for refined control and prolongs your aerial presence.

Training and Mastering the Art

Like any other skill, mastery comes with practice. Luckily, Rocket League offers custom training packs created by the community.

Many of these packs focus on air dribbling, and here are some ways to utilize them:

  • Consistency Over Flash: Start simple. Focus on making consistent touches before trying the flashy moves.
  • Watch and Learn: Observing professionals can provide insight. Players like JSTN, SquishyMuffinz, and AztraL have been known for their impeccable air dribbles.
  • Stay Patient: This skill won’t develop overnight. Embrace the process and acknowledge small improvements.

Benefits of Mastering Air Dribbles

Beyond the obvious advantage of potentially scoring, mastering air dribbles can:

  • Increase Game Influence: Having the ability to control the ball mid-air means more opportunities to dictate the game’s pace.
  • Enhance Versatility: This skill can be both offensive and defensive, breaking an opponent’s attack or setting up a shot.
  • Elevate Team Play: Even if you don’t score, drawing multiple defenders can open opportunities for teammates.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Every player faces challenges while learning. Here are some pitfalls and solutions:

  • Hitting Too Hard: This usually sends the ball far away. Solution? Lighter touches and better car angles.
  • Boost Depletion: Running out of boost mid-move. Solution? Better boost management and collecting small boost pads.
  • Loss of Control: Unable to steer the car effectively. Solution? Practice car control without the ball in free play mode.


Mastering the art of “how to air dribble Rocket League” is a rewarding journey. While the road might be challenging, with consistent practice, the right guidance, and patience, you’ll find yourself soaring and scoring in no time.

So, boot up Rocket League, hit the training grounds, and let your aerial journey begin.

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