How to advertise your discord server – Where to promote

Discord hosts a large variety of servers, some of which are quite large in size. These larger servers are often created for gathering certain communities, such as specific game studios, TV/book fandoms, YouTube fanbases, AFK channels and much more.

These servers are usually open to the public, and can be joined through a shared link. These links can be made available through a number of ways, some of which include advertising the server.

How to advertise your discord server – Promotion Guide

There are many ways you can go about advertising a Discord server. Doing so can increase the number of members in the server, and thus increase the amount of user activity.

Advertising a Discord server helps raise awareness and can show Discord users how to find or join the server. If you want to get new members for your Discord community, promotion is the best method.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the ways in which you can advertise your Discord server.

Social Media

One of the most common methods of advertising is through social media. This can be through any popular social media platform, such as Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook.

You can post a link to your Discord server on social media, and give out some information about the server to attract members.

Try advertising on more than one social media platform in order to get more traction. Just keep in mind that you should avoid advertising too much or too often on social media as it can come across as obnoxious.

If you’re using a platform like Twitter or Facebook, you can try making an account or page for the Discord server, and post information about the server there.

If you’re using Reddit, try finding an appropriate Discord-related subreddit and advertising your server there.

For example, you can post a link to your server on r/findaserver. It is a subreddit dedicated to sharing or finding server invite links.


Reddit is a great place to promote servers. Furthermore, you can make use of your own personal accounts and use them to advertise your server.

For instance, if you already have an online presence through a website or social media platform, you can try advertising your Discord server there.

You can even make a website dedicated to your Discord server, and provide an invite link on it. This will make it easy for people to find your server through searching online.

Use Discord Server Listings (Server directories)

Another common method for advertising Discord servers is through Discord server listings.

There are various websites that are dedicated to showcasing lists of Discord servers. Each Discord server usually contains its own description and invite link.

Sometimes, the servers are also individually rated. You can add your Discord server to these various websites in order to make your server easier to find or discover.

There are many websites to choose from, but we’ll go through a few of the more popular ones.


One of the most popular Discord server listing sites is Disboard allows you to add multiple tags to your Discord server listing, which makes it easier to search for or find.

There are over 100 tags to choose from, which means you get a lot of freedom when customising your listing.

Some examples of the tags they provide are memes, friendly, gaming, anime, and chill. You can also choose a category for your server, from a list of 8 different categories, and select a server language.


Disboard also allows people to review servers on the site, which can help boost your server’s popularity. Disboard’s server listings consist of the server name, category, tags, description, and invite link.

There’s also the option to bump a server, which makes it rise in the listing and become easier to find.

Another well-used Discord server listing site is The site let’s you add tags to your server listing, which can make it easier to find or search for. is also a site for advertising Discord bots, making it a multi-purpose site.


A server listing consists of the server name, rating, member count, and invite link. There are also two tabs available, with the default one being the overview tab.

The overview tab contains the server description, and a list of top Discord bots in the server.

The insight tab lets you show off the server’s custom emotes. There’s also a details section to the side, which allows you to list the member count and emote count, and specify the server language.

Discord Servers – Public Server Listing

Another well-known Discord server listing site is Discord Servers allows you to tag your Discord listing, and offers 18 different tags to choose from.


A Discord server listing includes the server name, description, member count, tags, and invite link. There’s also an option to bump the server, which makes it easier to discover on the site.

Post in Promo Channels

You can also use other Discord servers to advertise your server in. Some servers have channels dedicated to promoting things.

You can post a link to your server in these channels as a method of advertising. You should also include some basic information about the server in your post.

Just make sure to avoid self-promoting too much or else it may be considered spamming. Though self promotion is good, it is possible to do too much.

Once you’ve contributed and promoted your server then you can easily leave the Discord group and

Organise Events

You can advertise your Discord server by organising an event for it. This can encourage members to talk about the server to their friends, and possibly convince them to join.

This is because server events are usually limited to members-only, so only members of the server can participate.

You can even post about the event on social media as a method of garnering popularity and attention for the server.


In conclusion, you can advertise your Discord server through a variety of methods. You can utilise social media platforms, add your server to public server listings, or even post links in promo channels from other servers.

You could consider premium advertising and paid services too, though most people will be able to attract users by simply offering a friendly community with some value.

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