How to add emotes to Discord

Discord is a popular messaging platform, which offers a large variety of features. You can create text channels for messaging, create voice channels for voice-chatting, assign roles, set statuses, add emotes, and much more.

Emotes are essentially custom emojis you add to Discord. These can come in the form of images or GIFs. This means that some emotes can be animated.

Discord comes with its own set of default emojis, which mimic the standard emoji sets that come with a default keyboard. Emojis are often used to express certain emotions or words without having to type them out. They can be fun to play around with, and allow users to express themselves in a swift manner.

How to add emotes to Discord

Custom emotes can be fun/useful to add as they allow you to personalise emojis to your suit own tastes or needs. The standard set of default emojis may not be enough for you.

For Desktop

In order to add emotes on Desktop, first open the Discord app. Navigate to the server you wish to add emotes to. Your list of servers should be accessible from the left-most side tab. Once you’ve found t the right server icon, right-click on it. Then, hover over ‘server settings’ and select ’emoji’.

Next, click the ‘upload emoji’ option. This should open up File Explorer. Make sure that you already have pictures or GIFs you wish to turn into emotes saved. The pictures/GIFs must be under 256 KB in size. The files won’t upload otherwise.

You can rename the emote by clicking on the existing name. The name must be a minimum of two characters long, and shouldn’t include a space. The name can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores. You can only upload 50 static emotes and 50 animated emotes at a time. If you wish to delete an emote, hover over it in the emoji settings, and click the ‘x’.

In order to use the custom emotes, open the relevant server. Click the emoji icon in the bottom right, select the right server from the left side tab. That server’s custom emotes should be shown at the top. To add more emotes, click the plus icon next to the custom emotes. This should take you to the emoji settings.

For Mobile

Adding Discord emotes on iOS and Android are quite similar in process. First, open the Discord app. Press the three lines in the top left to open the left side tab. A list of your server icons should be there. Select the server you wish to add emotes to. Then, press the three dots next to the server’s name. This should open up another window.

Scroll all the way down, and press ‘upload emoji’. This will take you to the emoji settings. You can also access these settings by pressing the gear icon, and pressing ’emoji’.

Press ‘upload emoji’, and choose a location to upload images/GIFs from. The images/GIFs must be under 256 KB in size. Make sure that you already have suitable images/GIFs to choose from before attempting this step. After choosing an image/GIF, a prompt will appear asking you to confirm the upload.

It will also give you an option to crop the file. To crop the file, press ‘crop’. Or, press ‘upload’ to add the emote. Once you’ve added the emote, you can rename it by pressing on the emote in the emoji settings. The name must be at least 2 characters, contain no spaces, and consist only of alphanumeric characters and underscores. You can only add a total of 50 static emotes and 50 animated emotes at any given time.

If you wish to delete the emote, press on the emote in the emoji settings, and press the three dots in the top right corner. Then, press ‘delete emoji’.

If you want to use the custom emotes, navigate to the relevant server, and press the emoji icon next to the message box. Select the right server icon in the bottom tab. The custom emotes belonging to that server should be available near the top of the window.

Can I make my own emotes?

If you don’t have any suitable images/GIFs to upload as emotes, or struggle to find any suitable images/GIFs, you can choose to make your own custom emote. You can use any photo-manipulation/GIF-making program for this. You simply need to make sure that the file is under 256 KB in size when you download it.


In conclusion, you can add emotes to Discord on both Desktop and Mobile. You can add emotes for servers you’re a part of, using the emoji settings for that server. You can add both static emotes, and animated emotes. Both images and GIFs can be turned into emotes as long as they’re under 256 KB.

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