How to add contacts in Gmail App – The solution

Gmail is one of the most used mail hosting services out there. As googles own mail hosting it’s no surprise that having been around since 2004 it’s consistently one of the top if not the top provider worldwide. With Gmail itself and as an extension what we’re talking about here today, the Gmail App, being so well made and easy to use, most of the platform is quite intuitive.

Though for some reason there are some UI issues that make it difficult to know how to do certain things – logging out of Gmail is one, but users also find it difficult to add contacts too, as it’s not that well explained.

How to add contacts in Gmail App – Here’s what to do

The interesting thing about this issue is that it’s not actually done within the Gmail App itself. As the Gmail App works based of the contacts that are on the phone. This is the same for both Iphone and Android, the steps may have very minor differences but should be near identical.

Adding email to contacts – Mobile

First, close the Gmail App you’re looking at and head on over to the Contacts App, this is the same for both Android and iPhone. This is one of the default apps so no need to go to the App Store or google play store to get it. It should be on your first screen of apps. What you need to do once you open your contacts is select the plus icon. Next you need to enter all the details you know about the contact. With this, name and email address are the only needed fields when it comes to the Gmail App so don’t worry too much if you’re unsure about anything else.

Once done adding the contact, navigate back over to your Gmail App. Now that you’ve opened the Gmail App, next start composing an email. You will now be able to type the name or email address of the contact you’ve added, and it will autofill the field. Job done.

Adding email to contacts – web

Firstly, navigate over to your Gmail’s contact page (we’ll include a link below this paragraph) and sign in once you’re here. Next, in the top right corner you’ll see a “Create contact” button. Simply enter the details for the contact you wish to add. The name and email are the only required fields here but it’s always best to fill out as much as you can.

Once you’ve entered the various contact information click save and you’re done.

Gmail contacts link:


In conclusion, the process of adding a contact to your Gmail App is very simple, it’s just not very intuitive as you need to go out of the Gmail App itself to do so.

As with some other apps the Gmail app takes info directly from you contact list so if you have a contact in there then it’s likely not needed. In fact, whenever you come to add a contact who you know you have their contact info make sure you update their current contact rather than adding a new one.

We hope this article has helped answer your issue and you’re able to send your emails as easily as you should be able to.

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