How Rare Is Lickitung in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has a diverse range of creatures, each with their unique rarity and spawn rates.

Lickitung, a Normal-type Pokémon, is known for its distinctive appearance and elusive nature.

So, how rare is Lickitung?

Understanding the rarity of Lickitung is crucial for trainers aiming to complete their Pokédex or seeking this specific Pokémon for their collection.

Lickitung’s rarity can be attributed to several factors. First, its spawn rate is relatively low compared to more common Pok√©mon.

This means that encountering a Lickitung in the wild is a rare event.

Additionally, Lickitung’s presence is not influenced by weather conditions, unlike other Pok√©mon whose appearances increase under certain weather conditions.

Another aspect contributing to its rarity is its limited availability in specific events or through hatching eggs.

Lickitung is occasionally featured in special events, such as Community Days or specific thematic events, where its spawn rate temporarily increases.

Outside these events, trainers might have a better chance of obtaining Lickitung through hatching 5km eggs, although this is not a guaranteed method.

Spawn Mechanics and Lickitung

Understanding spawn mechanics in Pokémon Go provides insight into why Lickitung is a rare find. Spawn points in Pokémon Go are locations where Pokémon appear.

These points are influenced by factors such as player density, geographical features, and the type of area (urban, rural, etc.).

Lickitung’s spawn rate is not boosted by any particular environmental factor, making it a sporadic encounter across different regions.

Lickitung’s spawn rate is also influenced by the ongoing events in Pok√©mon Go.

During certain events, the spawn rate of particular Pokémon increases, giving players a better chance to catch them.

However, outside these events, Lickitung reverts to its low spawn rate, contributing to its rarity.

Strategies to Find and Capture Lickitung

Despite its rarity, there are strategies that trainers can employ to increase their chances of finding and capturing Lickitung. These include:

  1. Participating in Events: Keeping an eye on Pokémon Go events is crucial. Events like Community Days, special raids, or thematic events often feature rare Pokémon, including Lickitung. Participating in these events increases the chances of encountering this elusive Pokémon.
  2. Using Lures and Incense: Lures and incense are items that attract Pokémon to a location for a limited time. While they do not guarantee a Lickitung appearance, they increase overall spawn rates, thereby providing more opportunities to encounter rare Pokémon.
  3. Exploring Diverse Locations: Exploring different geographical areas increases the likelihood of encountering a variety of Pok√©mon. Since Lickitung’s appearance is not tied to any specific environmental factor, traversing various landscapes can potentially lead to a Lickitung encounter.
  4. Egg Hatching: Hatching eggs is another way to obtain Lickitung. Although it requires patience and a bit of luck, hatching 5km eggs has a chance of yielding this rare Pokémon.
  5. Trading with Fellow Trainers: Engaging with the Pokémon Go community and trading with fellow trainers is a viable strategy. Trainers who have multiple Lickitungs may be willing to trade, especially if they are looking for Pokémon missing from their own collections.

The Impact of Rarity on Gameplay

The rarity of Pokémon like Lickitung adds a level of excitement and challenge to Pokémon Go.

Hunting for rare Pokémon can be a thrilling experience, offering a sense of achievement when finally capturing them.

It encourages exploration, community engagement, and participation in events.

Additionally, rare Pokémon often have a higher value in trades, making them desirable for building a robust and diverse Pokémon collection.


Lickitung’s rarity in Pok√©mon Go is a combination of low spawn rates, limited event appearances, and the lack of environmental influences on its spawns.

Understanding these factors, along with employing effective strategies like participating in events, using lures, exploring diverse locations, hatching eggs, and trading, can increase the chances of encountering and capturing this rare Pokémon.

The rarity of Pokémon like Lickitung enhances the gameplay, adding an element of challenge and excitement to the Pokémon Go experience.

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