How Long Do Lures Last in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go offers a unique blend of real-world exploration and virtual Pokémon catching.

One of the game’s most intriguing features is the use of ‘Lures’. Lures are in-game items that attract Pok√©mon to a specific location, typically a Pok√©Stop, for a limited time.

Understanding how long lures last is crucial for players looking to maximize their Pokémon-catching opportunities.

How Long Lures Last in Pokemon Go

Traditionally, lures last for 30 minutes. However, during special events or promotions, Niantic, the game’s developer, has been known to extend this duration.

For instance, certain events have seen lure times extended to one hour, offering double the usual effectiveness.

Types of Lures and Their Durations

Pokémon Go features several types of lures, each with unique characteristics.

The standard Lure Module is the most commonly used, lasting 30 minutes under normal conditions.

However, there are special lures too, like the Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic Lures. These not only attract Pokémon but also enable specific evolutions.

The duration of these special lures typically mirrors that of the standard lure, although they have also been subject to extended durations during certain events.

Maximizing Lure Benefits

To make the most out of lures, players should consider the following strategies:

  • Time Your Lures: Use lures during peak Pok√©mon activity times, often influenced by in-game events or local spawn rates.
  • Combine with Incense: Incense, another item that attracts Pok√©mon but to the player specifically, can be used alongside lures for a heightened catching experience.
  • Community Events: Participate in community days or special events, where lure durations are often extended.

The Impact of Events on Lure Duration

Niantic often hosts events that temporarily change game mechanics, including lure duration.

For instance, community days or special themed events might extend lure effectiveness to up to one hour or more.

Staying informed about upcoming events through the official Pokémon Go website or community forums is beneficial for planning lure usage.

Lure Strategy in Group Play

When playing in groups, coordinating lure usage can create a hotspot of Pokémon activity.

Players can take turns deploying lures at different PokéStops to maintain a continuous stream of Pokémon.

This strategy is particularly effective in areas with a high density of PokéStops.

Best Practices for Using Lures

Choosing the Right Lure

Selecting the correct type of lure is essential. While the standard lure is a great all-rounder, specialized lures like the Glacial or Mossy Lure can be more effective depending on the desired Pokémon type.

For example, a Glacial Lure is ideal for catching Water or Ice-type Pokémon.

Location Matters

The effectiveness of a lure is partially dependent on the location. Urban areas with many PokéStops are generally more productive.

However, using lures in rural or less populated areas can still yield unique Pokémon not typically found in urban settings.

Combining Items for Maximum Efficiency

Using a Lucky Egg to double experience points or a Star Piece to increase stardust collection alongside a lure can significantly enhance the overall efficiency of your gameplay.

This combination is especially effective during double XP or stardust events.

Lures During Special Events

Be on the lookout for special events where lure durations are extended.

These are prime times to use lures, as the extended duration leads to more Pokémon encounters and potentially rare catches.

Understanding Lure Mechanics

How Lures Work

A lure, once activated at a PokéStop, attracts Pokémon to that location.

The spawn rate of Pokémon increases, and the types of Pokémon appearing often correlate with the environment of the PokéStop and the type of lure used.

The Effect of Weather

Weather in Pokémon Go influences the types of Pokémon that appear.

Using a lure during weather that aligns with its type (e.g., using a Mossy Lure during rainy weather) can increase the effectiveness and the chance of encountering rare Pokémon.

Lures and Pokémon Behavior

Pokémon attracted by lures may exhibit different behavior compared to those encountered in the wild.

For example, certain evolutions are only possible near lures of specific types, adding a strategic layer to lure usage.


Lures are a dynamic and integral part of the Pokémon Go experience.

Their duration, typically 30 minutes, can vary based on special events and promotions.

Understanding the types of lures, their ideal usage scenarios, and how to maximize their benefits can greatly enhance your Pokémon Go adventure.

Whether you’re a solo player or part of a group, lures offer an exciting way to encounter a diverse range of Pok√©mon and contribute significantly to your journey as a Pok√©mon Trainer.

Remember to stay updated on Niantic’s events for potential changes in lure durations and happy hunting!

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