How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the World of Online Advertising?

Many recent articles have focused upon the potential impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) in the near future. Some cite applications within the gaming industry while others have already begun to tout AI in relation to content creation. However, we need to remember that digital marketing is also set to be transformed as a result. Let’s take a look at a handful of examples to appreciate how far we have already come.
The Scalpel as Opposed to the Broadsword

In the past, advertisements were decidedly generic in nature. This caused issues for marketing professionals, as such a broad approach would often miss its intended target audience. Thanks to AI, campaigns can be much more specific. Dynamic product ads are a perfect example. In this case, the type of advertisement presented is based off of past consumer behaviour. The information is therefore much more likely to resonate with the recipient.

Predictive Analytics

Digital advertising firms have always employed analytical techniques in order to determine the efficacy of an ongoing campaign. It could nonetheless be challenging to interpret large data sets; especially for businesses that lack sufficient in-house resources. AI now employs “smart” algorithms capable of collating and classifying massive amounts of information within a matter of seconds. From strategies such as regularly updating Google test ads to expanding into an entirely new audience base, analytics have certainly come a long way in recent years.

Customer Service Solutions

We need to remember that digital advertising represents a two-way street. While it is extremely important to present customers with what appeals to them, it is equally pivotal to engage with new and existing clients. This ensures higher long-term retention rates and increases the chances of a repeat purchase.

Artificial intelligence is now being used to streamline the field of customer relationship management (CRM). One example involves chatbots that accurately mimic human responses. These can be used to address basic issues and if necessary, the customer may then be passed on to a real-world representative. Automated emails are likewise becoming much more personalised. This will help to ensure that the recipient takes some form of action as opposed to reallocating the message into the recycle bin.

An Ongoing Revolution

We have only begun to scratch the surface in regard to the ways in which artificial intelligence will affect the online marketing community. Still, there is little doubt that countless companies are already feeling its wide-scale impact.

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