Google App Not Working Android – How To Fix

Google is undoubtedly the world’s most used search engine by far and has even become the source of the verb to “google” something. It’s used by more than four billion people every day across the globe – the majority of the planet’s population! It’s extremely rare when the app stops working correctly, but when it does, it can throw the internet into absolute chaos.

If your Google app is not working on android, we have the solutions tailored just for you so you can get right back to searching for the world’s most pressing questions! They’re similar to what you should do if your Gboard app is not working, though there are some differences.

Google App Not Working Android – Quick Solutions

There are a few quick things you can try if your Google app isn’t working as intended.

Make sure you are signed in properly. While being signed in is not a requirement for Google search to work, there are rare cases where being signed in with the wrong account can cause conflicts, especially if you are signed in on another device. Make sure you are signed into the right account, or sign out of everything, and try again.

Make sure you aren’t in airplane mode. Airplane mode can be accidentally turned on if you’re not careful picking up your phone. This would prevent any app accessing the internet, including Google.


Restart your device. Trying this might seem cliché, but it really does work a lot of the time. You’d be surprised.

If none of these solutions worked for you, then there are plenty of other things you can try to figure out what’s keeping you from accessing the world’s most powerful search engine. Strap in, as we are going to quick-fire you through all the solutions available!

Connection issues

If you are finding that you’re struggling to connect to the internet, or you are getting a buffering bar, then your issue might be your local connection. Make sure that you aren’t out of your router’s signal range, as this can completely cut you off from using online apps such as Google. Sometimes toggling the Wi-Fi can work too and reconnect you if your signal is faulty. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the router, this can be done by removing the power and phone cables for 30 seconds, then plugging them back in to get a fresh IP.

Check if Google is down

Google being knocked offline sounds like something that would happen at the end of the world… and maybe it is. Or maybe it’s just regular maintenance or there’s a local outage in your network. Either way, the way to find out whether Google’s servers are the problem instead of something on your end is to go to this site. Though you may need to use a different browser to get there!


If you can see users reporting a big spike in problems, then there’s a problem with the servers and the best thing to do is wait a few minutes to an hour and try again later.

Clear cache & data

Google is infamous for storing data when you use its services, and the Google search app is no different. Clearing the cache and data every now and then will not only improve how fast your app runs but can be peace of mind too as it refreshes the amount of data Google stores about you. Oh, and it can also fix a lot of potential problems with the app not working, so it’s worth a try. Just remember to save your account details before you do, as you will be logged out. You can clear app data by going to manage settings and selecting whether to clear search data or app data.

Make sure Google is updated

I know update notifications can be annoying, and I’m guilty of disabling them too. But not updating an app for too long can not only prevent it from working properly but leave it vulnerable to security risks too. So, updating the Google app might solve your problems. You can update the app by going to the Play Store > Search > Google, and then there should be a green option to update it.


Reinstall the Google app

If you’re sitting there, feeling defeated that nothing else has worked. Don’t worry, we are going to take the fight back to that app! It’s time to nuke it off your device and get a new version. Sometimes, nothing can fix an app other than just reinstalling it.

In the same place you updated Google, there is the choice to uninstall. Once you’ve uninstalled it, restart your device, then reinstall the app, and it should be working for you good as new!


Google is the world’s largest search engine and provides most of the world’s internet traffic combined though its various services and companies. When it’s not working, it can be extremely frustrating, but the likeliest solution is usually found by fixing your internet connection or updating your app. Either way, googling a solution to the problem becomes very difficult when it’s not working!

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