Why is my Geocaching App not working? Here’s the reason

Whether you like travelling, or you’re just looking for something to do in your local area, Geocaching is a fun treasure-hunting activity that’s available all over the world. You play an online game with millions of other people with real-life “treasure” in the form of a cache put in a real-world location to discover. So, what do you do when you are out on an adventure and your Geocaching app is not working?

Geocaching App Not Working – Quick fixes

There are a few quick things you can try if you are having problems getting your app to work at all.

Airplane mode enabled

If you’re constantly taking your phone out of your pocket, there’s a chance you’ve accidentally enabled airplane mode at some point, which will prevent your app from updating and could block GPS. Make sure that airplane icon isn’t lit up on your device.


Restart your device

When your map, location, or cache information isn’t updating on your screen, your app may have crashed or be facing memory issues. To fix this quickly, restart your device and re-open the app. It should refresh your phone’s memory and re-load the cached map and location properly.

If these quick solutions didn’t solve your problem, don’t worry. There are a few different things you can try, and we will guide you through them below.

Enable Location

Enabling location services is extremely important for this app to work correctly as finding geocaches relies on you being able to compare your current location to the nearest drop zone. You aren’t going to collect many caches if you’re going exploring blind!

You can enable location via your device by going to settings > apps > Geocaching > Permissions > Location > Enable.

Alternatively, if you open the app, it will prompt you to enable location services via your device or Google’s Location service. Simply accept the popup and you should automatically enable the required services for the Geocaching app to work.

Works best with an internet connection

The Geocaching app is relatively unique in that it can be used correctly even without an active internet connection since it will download updated maps while connected to the internet and store them in the app’s data cache. What it won’t store though, is updated cache data, other that specific ones you choose to save.

If you decide to go out without an active internet connection, you may be able to find the most recent caches you searched for, but chains of caches will likely not work and if you go to a new area, you won’t have any updated information. The app uses GPS to locate you, but everything else is updated via an internet connection.


It’s unlikely that you will find a good Wi-Fi signal when you are out on nature trails or parks to keep updated with, so it’s crucial to make sure you have mobile data enabled while Geocaching for the best experience, or you may find that you can’t find new locations.

Keep the app updated

As previously mentioned, it’s crucial that you regularly update the maps and cache locations on your app, otherwise it will stop working as a game and simply become a GPS tracker. To do this, simply connect to the internet and the app will automatically update locations. However, the app itself may not have automatic updates enabled for a variety of reasons and this can cause serious problems when using the app.

To enable automatic updates, go to the Play Store and find the Geocaching app. At the top right you will see three dots. Tap on these and you will see a drop-down menu which has the option “enable automatic updates.” Tap this and your Geocaching app will now update your maps, caches, and the app itself any time you are connected to the internet.

Clear cache & data

If you’ve connected to the internet and allowed your app to update, yet you are still having problems finding locations or your map doesn’t seem right, your app data may be corrupted and providing you with an incorrect map version. You will need to clear your data and cache to fix this problem and then allow your phone to re-update to provide you with accurate maps.

To clear your data, simply go to Settings > apps > Geocaching > storage > clear Cache & Data.

Reinstall the app

Sometimes apps just decide for whatever reason that they aren’t going to work anymore, no matter what. In that case, we have the best option available to use. Reinstalling the app.

When your Geocaching app isn’t working, and nothing else has helped, this is your best bet to start from scratch with a brand-new version, complete with all the most recent updates.

To uninstall your app, simply long-press its icon and select uninstall from the pop-upoptions. You can then reinstall the app from the Play Store, brand new. This should fix any problems not addressed by any other solution.


The Geocaching app can be incredibly fun, especially when exploring new areas, you’ve never visited before, but without being correctly updated or having locations enabled, you are going to have a tough time finding anything other than frustration. With that in mind, updating the app regularly should prevent you running into any problems when out adventuring, so boot up that device, enable location and go out and explore!

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