GamePigeon Word Hunt – Cheats and Tips to Win

GamePigeon is an iMessage extension, which can be downloaded from the iOS App Store. GamePigeon contains over 20 different classic games, including 8 Ball, Darts, Mancala and Crazy 8.

These games are all multiplayer, and can be played with other iMessage users. You must have these users in your contacts in order to play GamePigeon with them.

One of the games available on GamePigeon is Word Hunt, which is essentially a word-finding game. It is one of three word games available on the app.

GamePigeon Word Hunt – An Overview

Word Hunt can be fairly challenging, especially for those with a limited vocabulary range.

Word Hunt also has a time limit for each turn, so players with low reaction times can also struggle with the game.

There are no real cheats for a game of this nature, but there are tips for improving your play style. These can help you get higher score, and be better at the game.

Word Hunt is a great game for testing and extending your vocabulary range. Therefore, the more you play it, the better you’ll get.

How to find the game

First, we’ll go over how you can find and access the game.

Word Hunt can be found on GamePigeon, which must be manually downloaded. It’s not a default app, so it won’t be available on your iPhone unless you’ve installed it.

How to download GamePigeon

Open the iOS App Store, and search ‘gamepigeon’ in the search bar.


Find the GamePigeon app, which has a game controller as its icon. Press ‘install’ to downlaod the app.

Next, open iMessage and find the GamePigeon icon. It should be in the row of icons near the bottom of the screen. The icon is a game controller, much like its icon in the App Store.


You can also press and hold on the row of icons to enlarge them, and scroll through the icons until you find the GamePigeon icon.


Press the GamePigeon icon to showcase its games.


Swipe up on the ‘games’ heading to showcase all the games.


Press on ‘word games’ to showcase all the word-related games. Word Hunt should be amongst this collection.


How to play the game

Now, we’ll go over the basics of how you actually play the Word Hunt game. Word Hunt is a very simple word game, and bases itself around the concept of finding words.

Word Hunt is a two-player game, where each player take a turn trying to find words out of a board of letters. The board is usually a 4×4 grid, where each square consists of a letter.


You can find words by connecting adjacent letters together. You can connect letters vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

You must connect letters together to make an existing word – the word cannot be made-up. Drag your finger across the different letters to connect them.


Each word is given a set amount of points depending on the amount of letters it contains. The longer the word, the more points it’s worth.

Each turn is timed, and a turn will end when time runs out. You get 1 minute and 20 seconds to play each turn. A play will also end if you exit the game.

When you’ve finished your turn, you will be asked to ‘send’ the game to the other player. Press ‘send’ to do so.


This will only happen the first time you finish a turn on a GamePigeon game.

The game will automatically be sent to the other player after the first time. A notice will then show up stating that you’re ‘waiting for opponent’.

This means that your opponent hasn’t completed their turn yet. You cannot continue playing the game until they’ve played their turn.


When your opponent has completed their turn, there will be a notice stating ‘your move’ on the message containing the game.


The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. It’s a simple premise, with the objective being to find as many words as possible.

Cheats and Tips – How to Get Better at Word Hunt

There are no cheats for playing Word Hunt, but there are some tips that can help you play the game better.

There are Game Pigeon Word Hunt solver websites which can find the answer for you, but a Word Hunt solver will give you all the answers and ruin the game completely.

Of course, longer words are better and you want the maximum word length you can find. But there’s a few more strategies that may make a difference too – we’ll go through some of these tips in this article.

Scan the board

Quickly scan the board of letters when a turn starts. This shows you what letters are available, and which letters are next to each other.

This will help you get a general idea of the type of words you can make. Since each turn is timed, it’s good to get a sense of possible words you can make as swiftly as you can.

Act fast

You have less than 2 minutes per turn, so you should try to make words as fast as possible. This means you shouldn’t ever hesitate for too long, and do nothing.

Try to always be active during the turn, whilst also scanning and looking for possible words. This way, you won’t be wasting any time; and could end up gaining some extra points.

Use Common Sense

You may struggle to find any familiar words on the board, due to your limited vocabulary range. In cases like these, use your knowledge of common word structures to guess words.

For example, a word may seem similar to a word you already know. It could be a word also, thus it’s worth trying the letter combination.


In conclusion, there are no real cheats for playing Word Hunt. Instead, there are tips you can use to improve your play style. The turns are strictly timed, so you must act swiftly in order to play the game well.

Utilising different methods to up your efficiency is key when playing Word Hunt. It’s also good to try and expand your vocabulary range whilst playing the game, which can help you find words more easily.

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