GamePigeon Not Working? Here’s what you should do

GamePigeon is a mobile party game platform for iOS released in 2016. The game uses the iOS 10 update that allowed users to interact with Apple’s iMessage.

Although only accessible through iMessage this app has become extremely popular. It is a free app but allows you to purchase benefits through the in-app purchase store to unlock items and remove ads.

The app has about 24 games in total, all based on basic premise games that will be well known to anyone that has ever played a board game, including:

These games although basic are honestly pretty addictive once you start playing them.

It isn’t about the graphics or how high tech the game is, it is about the strategies you need to play these types of games, which is something that lacks in more elaborate gaming these days.

So how can you fix your GamePigeon app when it has stopped working? There’s a couple of different things you can try to get GamePigeon working properly.

Why is my GamePigeon Not Working?

Here we will look at some fixes you can use to get back online and back to beating your friends at whatever game you are currently addicted to.

When you’re using an iOS device, the main reasons why it may have stopped working are;

  • Outdated iOS software. If you have an outdated iOS version, then make sure it’s updated within your app settings.
  • iMessage inconsistency. Although usually quite reliable, GamePigeon may have stopped working due to an issue with iMessage.
  • iOS glitches. This could be something extremely simple like a stuck game invite – bugs are fairly common with some games when using the iPhone operating system.

If you have downloaded GamePigeon and it is not showing up the best thing you can do to start, is uninstall the app and try reinstalling it again.

GamePigeon fix – Follow these steps

iOS users will probably be pretty familiar with their operating system, but here’s a quick guide on how else you may fix the issue.

How do I log out of my Apple ID?

First things first, back to basics, try logging out of your Apple ID and signing in again.

This helps because it recalibrates and updates your settings within the app.

If you are just logged in all the time sometimes this ‘mini-reset’ can refresh your page and get you back into the apps that are malfunctioning.

To do this it is really simple:

1) Go to ‘Settings.’
2) Select ‘iTunes’
3) Go to the ‘App Store.’
4) Tap on your Apple ID.
5) Choose ‘Sign Out.’
6) When prompted, sign back in again using your Apple ID details.

How do I reset my network settings?

If your phone still isn’t allowing you to connect to GamePigeon it could be due to your network settings. If you are having connectivity issues then the chances are your Wi-Fi is the issue.

It is important that you have Wi-Fi or data access to load the GamePigeon app. So to check and reset your network settings you can follow the steps listed below:

1) Open the ‘Settings’ on your device.
2) Go to ‘Wi-Fi.’
3) Choose the ‘Info’ icon at the bottom of your Wi-Fi tab.
4) Tap on the option that says ‘Renew.’
5) This will reset your network connection, now try the app again to see if this has fixed your issue.

This is the easiest way to reset network settings on your iOS device – you also may want to reset your Wi-Fi network too.

How do I change my ‘Date and time’ settings?

Believe it or not, changing your time and date settings really does work for apps that are playing up.

Apps that are connected to a time zone require accuracy in order to calibrate correctly with your phone software.

If your time and date are wrong there is a lack of communication between your device and the app that needs to be rectified.

To rectify this issue you can follow the steps set out below:

1) Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
2) Choose ‘General.’
3) Click on ‘Date and Time.’
4) Choose ‘Set Automatically.’ To prevent this problem in the future.
5) Open your app to see if your problem is not fixed and the GamePigeon app is working.

What do I do when the GamePigeon app only displays pictures?

If the gameplay in-app is only showing pictures when you open if there is another method you can try to fix the issue:

1) Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
2) Go to ‘Messages.’
3) Turn the iMessage toggle to ‘ON.’
4) If it is already enabled then turn it off and back on again.
5) Also toggle ‘sending SMS’ to ‘Off.’

Now try sending messages using Gamepigeon rather than the gameplay messages.

If this hasn’t resolved your issue then try closing and reopening the iMessage app.

Make sure when you close iMessage it is fully closed rather than having it run in the background.


In conclusion, above are some of the most simple options available to fix GamePigeon when it is not working.

These methods are tried and tested by users of the app that have experienced the same issues over the years since release.

Hopefully, now your app is working again and you are back on your way to playing games with your friends.

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