Fitbit Premium vs Free – Subscription, Cost, Insight & more

Fitbit is one of the best trackers you can find for iPhone or Android devices. Whilst the Fitbit itself is a device, you really need the app to track a number of different fitness related stats, like your day-to-day activity and heart rate. This allows you to not just keep track of those stats but can help you seeing where you can improve and then tracking that improvement over time.

And when you combine Fitbit with the best running apps, it’s a great match. You generally have the choice between the Free version of Fitbit and the paid version. We’re going to look at the difference between the two.

Fitbit premium vs free – What can Premium members expect?

So, if we’re looking at the two different versions of the Fitbit software – Fitbit Premium vs the Free version. What are the differences and benefits of upgrading to Premium over simply making do with the Free version instead?

Well, that’s what we’re looking at today so you can best decide whether you need the premium version. Most likely it will be a bit of both, there will be certain bonuses that you’re either going love or not use at all.

Let’s have a look at what Fitbit premium can offer you.


First things first, and arguably the most important. The tracking. What does the free version tracking vs the premium version?

The free version does your health and fitness stats. This includes your activity, weight, sleep and nutrition with the tracker. There is a tracking summary at the end of each week for you to compare your day to day activities and gives you an idea of your average daily activity.

Premium’s benefit with regards to tracking isn’t in its ability to track more but the insights it gives with regards to the info it collects. For a start your fitness trends are extended to 90 days. Giving you a much wider range of time to see trends and track your progress.

This is a incredible tool, not just because of its ability to keep track of your progress but from a motivational stand point seeing how far you’ve come over the course of 90 days is a huge boost.

This can be summarised into reports too, with a downloadable PDF summarising your activity, sleep, heart rate, weight and menstrual health stats for the past month. This includes annual trends too.


This is a section that is entirely for the premium members. As part of your premium membership Fitbit not only provides workouts for you to do but also mindfulness sessions. The workouts are video and audio based coming from Fitbit themselves as well as other popular brands. These can be accessed either through the app. but you can also get them on your smart TV or speakers if you prefer.

The mindfulness sessions are essentially a collection of guided audio tracks, this includes sessions to help you relax your mind and ease into a restful sleep. This may not be needed for everyone but if you find yourself struggling to sleep at night or feeling a bit of stress and anxiety then these could help ease those worries.

As these are additional features, they are simply positives over the free version. With that said there will be those who don’t get any use of these and are just looking for their daily tracking, in which case they are bonuses they won’t be using but if this is something you may use it’s certainly a nice bonus. For the monthly cost getting access a coach in your pocket can be invaluable.

Extra bonuses

Along with the points we’ve already mentioned there are a few other benefits to the premium version which we should mention. First, if you have a Fitbit Sense then premium allows you to also track your skin temperature, this can provide relative information when sleeping about how restful your sleep has been.

Next, we have a daily readiness score. This is given to you each morning and is there to tell you whether you are ready to workout and exercise or if you are still in need of rest. Essentially, are you good to go now or should you wait until later in your day to exercise.

We also have a few different breakdowns of information for you to use, this includes a stress management score breakdown and a sleep score breakdown. Both of these can be looked into to help improve these aspects of your daily life.

When you sign up to a Fitbit Premium membership, you’ll also get access to a Wellness Report that gives you an analysis of your overall health. The Wellness Report looks at your Health metrics dashboard and gives insight into your heart rate, activity and a full sleep score breakdown too.

Finally, we have challenges, these are here to keep your exercises challenging, fun and help you reach your goals easier. It’s a big thing that I have noticed when it comes to exercise that those who enjoy it the most are those who stick with it. So, any attempt at making a healthier lifestyle more enjoyable is a huge plus in my book.


In conclusion I’d have to say the premium version of the app is worth it. The overall benefits given really feel like they are completing the app rather that some last minute bonuses stuck on the end and labelled as a premium. And overall the app is reliable, although there may be times that the Fitbit won’t sync with the app.

My advice and recommendation would be to use the free version if you are unsure when first using your Fitbit and after a week or two if you feel like you’re doing just fine with the free version then stick to it. If you’d like to try the premium version or are curious about how you may use the benefits, then there is a free trial currently available – take advantage of that while you can get a the full experience with the app.

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