Drumeo Edge Review – A simple yet effective app

Drumeo Edge is an app that provides drum lessons through its enormous, world-renowned platform. It gives you a whole host of things such as courses, song breakdowns and downloadable videos to take with you.

This app is where you can learn anything to do with playing the drums. it has a variety of topics, drumming techniques, rudiments and applications, gigging tips and musicality tips all ready at your disposal.

If you want to know the history of this app they provide a detailed account on their website that is worth a read.

When you first load Drumeo you are asked to make an account, which I did and it took me straight to a page with an offer for an annual subscription and a monthly subscription.

There is no way to progress in this app without signing up for their 7-day free trial which I never really appreciate, you should at least be able to skip it until you have tried the app out a little first, but I guess that’s why there is a market for review articles of technology like this.

So, how good is Drumeo for someone to learn the drums from? And how much better is it than some of the other musical tutorial apps available on the market today such as Skoove?

Drumeo EDGE Review

After you have signed up for your free trial you are into the app and it is clear that this is no botched job app, it is clean and sleek in its appearance.

Drumeo offers classes, play-along tracks, progress tracking and it has a community of drummers where you can ask questions and seek clarity. You can comment on lessons and ask anything you might be unsure about.

In total, the app boasts 1200 plus videos and lessons for you to pick from with new content being added daily so you’ll never run out.

There are around 70 courses in total that run through every aspect of learning to play the drums and is expansive enough that it covers areas even for people that have experience.

You can also download the course to go alongside the video, with sheet music and things to tick off as you accomplish them, Drumeo has nailed the user-friendly vibe.

One course on Drumeo corresponds with one topic, this contains videos that go through different areas within that particular topic.

You watch the video and then you practise what you just learned. You can filter options by proficiency so you always know what’s available and attainable within your level of expertise.

The edge membership encompasses weekly lessons that are hosted live for users. You can comment on them and ask live questions and if you miss the live stream, they have all their lessons in an archive for you to skim through whenever you feel the need.

Pros and cons

One of the biggest pros with Drumeo is the massive collection of educational topics they cover – it is maybe unmatched in thoroughness. You can learn at your speed and in your way, wherever the feeling strikes you as long as you have the app installed.

There are lessons with some of the leading experts on drumming from around the world, giving a view into drumming that you are unlikely to get from your teacher unless they made it in the industry at some point and it is all done at a reasonable price.

So what does Drumeo need to improve? Firstly not having the option to try the app before doing a trial was a bad move. Users don’t like to be cornered into committing to something I haven’t even seen working yet, free trial or not.

Another issue with Drumeo, (and this might not be an issue to you, but is for me) is that some of the lessons are insanely long, well over an hour. Which can get a little tedious, especially when your attention span is short and your patience is nonexistent like mine.

One final note about Drumeo is that it requires a really good internet connection which is something I don’t have living in rural Wales, so it will probably work better for you guys than it did for me at parts. The quality is so good, it broke my internet, not many people can complain about that.

Features of Drumeo

Drumeo XP

XP, also known as ‘experience’ in the gaming world is a way for students to track their progress using the Drumeo app. It is very much like playing a video game, the more you play the better you get, the more XP you build.

Subsequently, this means the more you have mastered the skills that it takes to become a really good drummer.

It is a very handy way of learning for reward, you not only get the satisfaction of learning an instrument, but you also get to work towards something tangible for all intents and purpose.

Support available:

Drumeo has an absolute ton of support tools available for new drummers, you can get feedback from teachers, share advice within the community and watch live lessons in real-time.

Drumeo also has a feature called Drumeo METHOD, which gives you the precise right lesson you need at any time.

The curriculum is organised into 10 levels from your very first lesson and is expansive enough that it can keep you on track no matter how quickly you are learning.

Some subsequent features of Drumeo also include:

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Step by step curriculum
  • Progress tracking,
  • 100plus world-class teachers.
  • Replay of all lessons.
  • 2000plus lessons and 230 plus courses.

Common Questions about the Drumeo app

Who is Drumeo suitable for?

Drumeo is suitable for anyone with any level of experience – beginners, advanced drummers and even professional drummers can use the Drumeo app.

How much is Drumeo?

Drumeo costs $240 per year. In comparison to the average cost of a teacher one on one would be $50 for one lesson.

Is Drumeo good for the price?

The content on Drumeo is so extensive, I would definitely say it is worth the money. You can get a free trial of Drumeo for a week, which is worth doing as you’ll get access to all the resources, which will allow you to make your own decision.


Drumeo is probably the best app on the market specifically designed to teach drums, but overall just as an educational tool it blows many of them out of the water.

It is easy to use, has lots of incredible content, has high-quality playback and everything you could need to start your journey into becoming a drummer. It is great for drummers of most levels of proficiency because it caters to all with the level of expertise that can be found on their site.

You can even get professional feedback on your results. I can see myself using Drumeo personally for a long time, there is so much content that you can literally never get bored.

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