The Best Mobile Drinking Games for iOS and Android

Drinking games like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever and Spin the Bottle have caused us all equal parts fun and equal parts embarrassing moments.

It’s all part of getting older. Although drinking should be done responsibly, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. And a good drinking game can make your even much more enjoyable.

So, which are the best drinking game apps for mobile if you’re looking to have fun with friends? We’re going to take a look at a few different options you can download now.

Best Drinking Games for Phone

All of these games are for 18 and older, or 21 and older if you are from the US (Sucks for you guys!) so play responsibly.

Drinking games can be super fun, until the next day when you wake up at least, but who cares about that right now?

We’ve tried to look outside the traditional card games and most famous drinking games, as all you really need for those is a deck of cards.

However, these games have all the vital elements needed to have a great time, whether you’re looking for something fun to play at house parties or it’s just you and a mate.

Beware, you will probably wake up with a wicked hangover after this but it will have been an experience, to say the least.

In this article we will look at some of the best drinking game apps available on phones so you can play them, any place and any time, well as long as you are drinking alcohol at least.

Picolo Drinking Games


Picolo drinking game is an alcohol consumption party app for both Android and iOS owners. You have to add players’ names before you start playing.

In teams one by one you will answer questions and follow the rules laid out for you in the app. There are different modes you can play such as:

  • Getting Started Mode: four games that you can play to get started
  • Hot Mode: This mode is more x-rated than your average drinking game
  • Bar Mode: Played in a bar.
  • Silly Mode: Includes challenges that involve socially awkward behaviour
  • Group Mode: War:- This is where you play team games.

As drinking game apps go, this is definitely one of the better options if you’re in a larger group.

In Picolo, the rules aren’t crazy complicated but you might find them a bit tame for your daring drinking buddies.

If you find the rules too square you can even add your own to spice things up, but don’t go too crazy – I wouldn’t want anyone to get arrested or tied up naked to a lamppost!



Trinks is a quiz game app for Android and iOS that can be played in person or virtually, good news for everyone stuck inside during the pandemic.

Players join a live game and they compete against each other to earn points, by answering first and correctly. If you get a question incorrect then you lose a point.

You can also swap points for sips of alcohol. You can engage in group or individual tasks and turn on or off tasks depending on what type of night you want to experience.

There are old classic games like Never Have I Ever and tasks such as ‘act like a cat for X seconds.’ This app is free to download and play and makes for a fun evening.

Drink Or Doom


Drink or Doom is a comic drinking app for Android and iOS. This app has over 50 different drinking games available on it and you can play the game with your friends.

The games are based in a comic book setting and there is nothing bad about comic books. Up to 12 players can interact with this app. You can also play against strangers which is a unique concept about this app.

This game includes mild violence, nudity public embarrassment, and stupidity so be careful where you play and who you play with. You can also put 500 custom challenges in the game to make it more tailored to your night out.

You can manually enter your own rules which leaves a lot of space for your night to take an insane turn.

Heads Up


Heads up is an app for Android and iOS users you can play this game with family and friends, so not technically a drinking game but you can make it into one that gets really rowdy and is super fun.

There are over 40 challenges to pay with different themes for each challenge. You can play singing games, guess words, guess celebrity names, etc.

One of the games is a lot like charades, you start with a card or in this case your phone screen against your forehead facing out towards other players.

You have to get the person holding the answer up to guess based on clues you give them. Guess incorrectly and drink.

This game is timed so there is added pressure. You can also video the entire thing which is either the best feature ever or the most regrettable night of your life so choose carefully!

Drunk Potato


Drunk Potato is a game for iOS and Android users it has a whole list of questions that you get in random order.

It is based on the old game hot potato but more filthy and crazy than old-timey. You read the instructions and do what they tell you to do in order to play correctly.

There is a female-only version of the app too called Girl Games apps that allow females to play with their female friends.

This game can get pretty fast-paced so you might be a little tipsy at the end of it. The questions are easy but the more you drink the harder they are to complete, you answer questions such as:

  • 3 famous robots
  • Explain Harry Potter as fast as you can
  • 3 names a stripper might have


In conclusion, drinking at this point is an interwoven part of British culture, and nothing exemplifies Britain more than a good drinking game.

We are well known for our love of takeaways, but alcohol is right up there in things Brits love – though you might need to use a food delivery app to order a takeaway later in the evening!

Hopefully you’ve found some fun ideas in this article for drinking games to try out, whether at Christmas or just any time during the year. Have lots of fun with your drinking game, take lots of pictures and be careful when you play these games because it is important to drink safely.

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