Does Tinder have read receipts?

Read receipts are the easiest way to determine whether someone is ghosting your messages or they just haven’t seen them yet. They can let you know whether the other user has read your message, and how long it’s been since they read it too.

For dating apps like Tinder, this can come in extremely useful if you’re messaging with several people at the same time. Though, read receipts aren’t something that comes for free with the Tinder app.

Does Tinder have read receipts?

Read receipts are commonplace in many other messaging apps, and though you can get them in Tinder, they’re not commonly used.

Read receipts in Tinder are a premium feature that must be paid for individually from other features.

They aren’t included in the free version of Tinder, neither are they available in Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold or even the most expensive subscription they have, Tinder Platinum.

Read receipts need to be purchased as an individual feature on Tinder. They can be purchased in packs of 5, 10 or 20 depending on how many conversations you’re having.

If you activate read receipts for one of your conversations, that will count as one read receipt use. So if you’re chatting to a lot of people on Tinder, the costs can add up quickly.

The double blue checkmark on Tinder?

The double blue check mark on the Tinder is the format of Tinder’s Read Receipts.

If they have one check mark next to the message, you can be sure that your message has been sent and received by the other person.

When they have two blue check marks next to their message, you can then determine that your message has been read by other people too.

Are Read Receipts worth it?

Whether Tinder Read Receipts are worth it to Tinder users really depends on what they’re looking for when it comes to online dating.

If you’re continually getting no replies from your first message, it can make sense for you to enable read receipts to determine whether your matches are even reading your message.

Likewise, it can also be a good way to tell whether someone is playing hard to get, and leaving a lot of time between responses.

So, they can definitely be useful for some people that want some help knowing how their conversation is flowing. However, they’re by no means an essential for using Tinder.

Can I turn off Tinder Read Receipts?

One thing that makes Tinder read receipts a little less valuable in comparison to other platforms is that you can actually disable read receipts from within the settings of your Tinder app.

This will stop other users on the platform from being able to see when you have read their message, as the read receipts feature will be disabled from working.

So, even if you do buy read receipts, there’s a chance that the other person has this disabled within their settings, so you can’t get read receipts for them anyway.

If this is the case, then you won’t be able to use your Read Receipts quota on them, and it will be restored for use with another match on the platform.


For those who have been wondering how Tinder works when it comes to read receipts on your messages, it’s both good and bad.

The good news is that they are very easy to implement, and can be activated with any of the chats you have running with matches on Tinder.

Though, you do need to pay for read receipts separately to all other paid features, which may out some people off of using them.

Plus, other people can opt out of letting people see read receipts for their messages, which means you can’t have read receipts enabled for certain people.

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