Discord Text-To-Speech won’t turn off – What to do

Discord is a free messaging app, which offers a large range of features. Discord allows you to send text messages, make voice calls, use custom emotes, set custom statuses, and more.

The platform even has a Text-To-Speech feature, which lets an AI vocalise messages in Discord. Users can have their messages vocalised by simply typing /tts before their message.

For example, /tts Good Morning. Afterwards, the message must be sent. The Text-To-Speech function should then vocalise the message for all users currently in the text channel. Text-To-Speech can also vocalise your Discord notifications.

Discord Text-To-Speech won’t turn off

The Text-To-Speech function in Discord can be enabled or disabled in the settings. By default, the function should be disabled. Text-To-Speech is only available in the Desktop version of the app. Once enabled, you should be able to disable it once again in the settings.

However, sometimes users struggle to fully disable the Text-To-Speech function. And when you can’t disable tts, it can tend up getting pretty annoying.

Thankfully, if you’re finding that you can’t turn off tts in Discord, it’s easy enough to fix. We’ll go through some ways to fix this error, as well as how one can usually disable the function.

Check Text-To-Speech Settings

First of all, check whether you’ve actually disabled Text-To-Speech in your Discord settings. You can usually disable the feature there.

Open the Discord client, and click on the gear. You should now be in the user settings. Scroll down on the left side tab, and locate the ‘notifications’ option.

It should be beneath the ‘app settings’ section. Once you’ve found the ‘notifications’ option, click on it. This should open up the notification settings.


In the notification settings, scroll until you find the section for ‘Text-To-Speech notifications’. Underneath the section should be the settings for Text-To-Speech.

You can set when Text-To-Speech should be active. To disable the feature, make sure that the ‘never’ option has been selected. This will make it so that Discord notifications are never vocalised.

Next, navigate to the ‘accessibility’ tab. Scroll down until you see ‘allow playback and usage of /tts commands’. Beside the option, there should be a switch.

Toggle the switch off by clicking on it. Now, you should no longer be able to hear any vocalised messages.


We’ll discuss how you can enable or disable Text-To-Speech in more detail later on.

Update Discord

If the Text-To-Speech feature has already been set to ‘never’ in the settings, Discord may be experiencing a bug. This can occur if you’re using an outdated version of the app. Try checking for updates, and installing them if possible.

If you already have the Discord client open, look in the top right corner. If there’s an available update, there should be a green arrow beside the inbox icon. Click on the green arrow to install the update. The Discord client will then proceed to restart itself.


Once the app has finished updating, check whether the Text-To-Speech function is disabled.

Update Device

The Discord app may be experiencing issues due to your device using an outdated OS. Try checking whether your device has any available updates, and install them if so.

You can check for updates in your device settings. You can access these settings by pressing Windows-key + I, and selecting ‘windows update’ from the side tab.

Next, click on ‘check for updates’ to begin searching for any available updates. If there are updates available, download them.


You may be prompted to restart your device as part of the updating process. Restart your device if necessary.

Once you’ve updated your device, launch the Discord client. Check whether the Text-To-Speech function is disabled.

Try Discord Website

If the above solutions didn’t help disable the Text-To-Speech function, there may be a fundamental issue with the Discord app. Try disabling the Text-To-Speech function in the Discord website. If it’s able to be disabled in the website, the issue lies with the app.

First, access the Discord website by going to discord.com/login. Log into your Discord account.

Afterwards, click on the gear icon and navigate to the ‘notifications’ tab. Find the ‘Text-To-Speech’ section, and make sure that ‘never’ has been selected.


Then, go to the ‘accessibility’ tab and toggle the switch off for ‘allow playback and usage of /tts command’.


Then, try using the Text-To-Speech function. It should fail to activate.

Contact Discord Support

If the ‘Text-To-Speech’ function still refuses to turn off in the Discord website, try contacting Discord Support for help.

You can locate their request form here: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Detail your problems in the form, and submit it once you’re done.

How to disable or enable Text-To-Speech on Discord

Normally, you can enable or disable Text-To-Speech in Discord through the user settings. You can disable Text-To-Speech for both notifications and messages.

To disable Text-To-Speech notifications, simply select the gear icon to open the user settings. Click on the ‘notifications’ tab. Then, locate the options for ‘Text-To-Speech’.

There should be three options available – ‘for all channels’, ‘for current selected channel’, and ‘never’. These options represent when the Text-To-Speech feature is able to activate. The feature will vocalise your notifications for you.

To allow the feature to always be active, select ‘for all channels’. This means that Text-To-Speech is available for all your Discord channels. To only have Text-To-Speech active for one channel, select ‘for current selected channel’.

This makes it so that only the channel you’re currently in can access Text-To-Speech. To disable Text-To-Speech, select ‘never’. This means that Text-To-Speech will never vocalise your Discord notifications.

To disable Text-To-Speech for messages, select the ‘accessibility’ tab. Locate the option for ‘allow playback and usage of /tts command’. Toggle the switch off for the option. This should disable Text-To-Speech for discord messages.

Now, when other people use the /tts command to vocalise their messages, you won’t be able to hear it.


In conclusion, Discord’s Text-To-Speech can be disabled in the user settings, though sometimes it can be a good future to use if you want others to hear audio (like when your mobile mic won’t work with Discord).

Make sure that you’ve disable the /tts command as well as Text-To-Speech notifications. If you’ve already disabled the feature in the settings, Discord may be experiencing some problems.

Try updating the app or your device. You could also try the Discord website to see if the issue truly lies with the app. Contact Discord Support if none of the solutions worked.

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