Discord IP ban – Find someone’s Discord IP address

Discord hosts a large variety of servers, some of which contain a high number of members.

In large servers, you may find that some members are being unpleasant or problematic. In such cases, you can choose to talk to them, or message them, about the problem privately.

If this doesn’t work in resolving the problem, it may be best to kick or ban the members from the server to prevent them from causing further issues. If you wish to stop them from possibly re-joining the server, you should ban them rather than kick them.

Banning a user will keep them from re-joining, whilst kicking a user only makes them leave the server. The easiest way for Discord to issue a server ban is by enforcing IP bans.

Discord IP ban – Find someone’s Discord IP address

Discord bans users based on their IP address by default. This means that if a user gets banned from a server, anyone else using that IP address will not be able to join the server.

This can be quite an unfortunate occurrence as it punishes not only the user in question, but those that share their IP address as well.

Therefore, you should think carefully before deciding to ban a user from the server. Banning should be the last resort.

Banning a user on Discord will force the user to leave the server, and prevent them re-joining the server. It is similar to kicking a user on Discord, which only makes the user leave the server.

The user can still re-join the server afterwards by clicking an invite link. Kicking a user is a more temporary action, whilst banning a user is more permanent.

However, banning is not an irreversible act. After banning a user, you can always choose to unban them by revoking the ban.

Thus, you don’t have to worry too much if you’re unsure about a ban or regret a ban.

How to find someone’s Discord IP address

In regards to finding someone’s IP address in Discord, it is simply not possible. Discord may ban IP addresses, but their security measures ensure that users cannot find these IP addresses for privacy reasons.

Hiding IP addresses also prevents users from being susceptible to hackers.

However, there are still ways to obtain a friend’s IP address outside of Discord, if you need it for gaming purposes or other reasons.

There are ways to find out your own IP address through network settings on your device. You can ask a friend for their IP address through Discord if need be.

Just be careful about showing others that information. Make sure that it’s someone you trust.

Although chances of getting hacked are low, they are not non-existent. Personal information should only be shared with those you trust.

How to ban users in Discord

You can only ban a user in Discord if you have admin privileges in the server. If you are the owner of the server, you will have access to these privileges by default.

If you are not the server owner, you can obtain admin privileges if you are assigned a certain role. The role must contain admin rights.

You can ban a user in Discord from the Discord app or website.

First, open up Discord and make sure you’re logged into the right account. Once you’re on Discord, locate the relevant server icon and click on it. This will make you to enter the server.

When you’re in the right server, look at the right side tab. The tab should showcase a list of members in the server. Find the user you want to ban, and right-click on it.


A list of options should appear. Select the ‘ban’ option to ban the user.

Alternatively, you can ban a user from the server settings. Right-click on the server icon, and hover over the ‘server settings’ option. Another set of options should appear. Select the ‘members’ option.


You should now be on the members tab in the server settings. There should be a list of members on show.

Find the user you want to ban, and hover over their username. Three dots should appear to the right of their name. Click on the three dots, and select the ‘ban’ option to ban the user.


The user should now have left the server. The user should also be unable to join the server again. If they are able to re-join the server or have failed in leaving the server, try contacting Discord Support for help.

How to unban users in Discord

If you decide to unban a user or regret banning a user, you can choose to revoke the ban in the Discord app. This is how you can give someone a temporary ban without giving them a permanent ban.

Open up the Discord app, and enter the server you banned the user from. You can enter a server by clicking on the server icon in the far left.

Once you’re in the server, locate the server name in the left side tab. Click on the downwards-facing arrow next to the server name, and select the ‘server settings’ option.


You can also access the server settings by right-clicking the server icon, and selecting ‘server settings’.


In the server settings, click on the ‘bans’ tab. It should be near the bottom, under the ‘user management’ section.

In the ‘bans’ tab, there should be a list of banned users on display. Locate the user you want to unban, and click on them.

A pop up will appear asking you to confirm the unbanning. Click ‘revoke ban’ to unban the user and give them access to that particular server.


In conclusion, Discord bans users by banning their IP address. This prevents anyone using the IP address from joining the server it was banned from.

You can also consider learning how to advertise your Discord server if you want to find new members to replace anyone you’re going to ban.

You cannot find someone’s IP address on Discord, but you can ban people’s IP addresses on Discord. You can also choose to revoke a ban at any time.

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