Best Home Design Games for Adults – Dream renovations

Landscaping, home renovation and redecoration are all elements of designing that are not incorporated into many different apps on the market in the form of either garden design apps, or as a more fun alternative, home design games.

Design games are games that allow us to do this with just a click of a button or the tap of the screen depending on what platform you are using to play the game.

So as adults why are we so fascinated with design games and what is the best design game out there for adults

Best Design Games for Adults

1) Design Home: House Renovation

Design Home: House Renovation is a design game that allows players to design homes for their clients, both real and imaginary.

One of the cool things about this game is if there is a particular item you like, for example, a lamp that you put in one of your designs you can actually purchase that item in real life.

As such, this app kind of breaks the fourth wall of gaming blending reality and fantasy in a whole new way.

You can customise every detail of your designs to bring your dream home to life there are also challenges within the game to help you develop your skills as a designer in the daily design challenges.

Design home adds new pieces to the app every single day so you will never run out of new and exciting items to add to your makeovers.

You can also learn about trends and brands on this app again deepening your knowledge of design overall and giving you a helping hand in the world of design.

Platform: iOS and Android.

Price: Free to download, although in-app purchases of items can be made.

2) Home Maker: Design House Game

Home Maker: Design House Game is similar to Design Home in that it allows you to design the house of your dreams.

You don’t need to think about money in this game you can just go crazy, explore and do what you want to, letting your artistic juices flow.

The app benefits from the most up to date 3D technology as it is relatively new in the gaming world of design games.

It’s even good for real-life practice if you’re a designer so you can see what things blend together well in a room and what doesn’t work at all.

There is a variety of different styles you can choose to decorate your home in, rustic, classic etc. As well as a wide selection of furniture and accessories to help make your rooms into creations you adore.

You can check out other people’s real-life designs on this app so if you’re feeling cheeky you can pinch inspiration and put your own stamp on it.

There is a voting system so players can vote on the designs they like most, the best one gets listed on the main page.

This gives the game a bit more of a competitive edge than other design games out there.

Like Design Home there are daily challenges and missions that you can get into to start your creativity flowing and to help hone your design skills.

Platform: iOS and Android.

3) Home Fantasy: Home Design Game

Home Fantasy: Home Design Game is a great high-quality design game for adults that allows you to customise everything.

Rather than the games that provide you with high-end furniture and brands to choose from, this game really is all about you.

For example, if you like a settee on the app, you can choose the colour of the pillows, materials, shape, size appearance and style.

This gives you a more intricate and personalised design element to this game than is offered in other apps of this kind.

The decorative elements in this game are expansive, you can choose between many different styles to help your clients construct their dreams from scratch.

You can even upcycle, repairing and making over old houses to help out the clients that are on a budget or have sentimental value in their stock.

This game is like a puzzle, you need to collect decoration puzzles in order to get the most perfectly decorated house.

You can earn coins to customize rooms with different decorations and furniture and work to the story of the owners to create the perfect makeover for them.

It isn’t updated very often so can get a little repetitive but overall it is a really fun intricate design game to play around with.

Platform: iOS and Android.

Common questions about Home Design games

What game allows you to build and design your own house?

There are elements of design gaming in many simulation games, Roller Coaster Tycoon, for example, is a simulation game where you lay out what you wish your dream theme park would look like. In fact, all of the Tycoon games in the franchise offer these design options as a major part of the game.

Can you build houses on the Sims?

Even popular games like The Sims have these design qualities, you build a house for your Sim to live in and improve on different aspects of your houses depending on how much money your family has, all to find your dream home. There is recently an update in The Sims that allows you to make a career as an Interior designer so you can build houses around the whims of other Sims living in your neighbourhood. There are achievements that lean towards this element of the game as well with the ‘Mansion Baron’ aspiration.

Are there free home design games?

When it comes to home decorating games, many of them are available as a free app. However, some interior design games will only be available to paid users in the Google Play Store.


In conclusion, design games are a really big market, particularly for adults because we all want what we can’t have and some of us have ideas in our mind’s eye we want to see visually but we don’t know how to bring them to life.

Not everyone can work from an image they have in their heads, so these kinds of games afford adults the possibility of seeing what their homes could look like with their ideas on screen.

These types of games are also super fun because who doesn’t want to see what their own mansion would look like if they could afford it?

Design games aren’t going anywhere any time soon and we can’t escape the design elements that we see in simulation games. even if the game we choose is not specifically a design game.

It seems there will always be a place for these kinds of games because we like to live our fantasies time to time, even as adults.

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