App Not Working – How To Know What’s Wrong

As one of the best upcoming crypto exchanges with its own coin, is a one-stop-shop for crypto, staking, crypto interest accounts and access to a wallet (similar to Metamask or Trust Wallet).

However, from time to time you may have issues with the app. So when the app is not working, can you do about it? Here’s the steps to follow if you’re having issues with app not working – Quick fixes

Regardless of what problem you are having with your app, there are a few quick tricks you can use to fix a good majority of the problems without even identifying their cause.

While this won’t fix everything, trying these will give you some quick results and could fix your problem.

  1. Make sure you’re not in airplane mode. When you accidentally enable airplane mode, you prevent any online-enabled app from working. This will prevent you from doing anything on the app Tap the airplane mode icon on your hot bar to disable it.
  2. Black screens or hanging. There are some commonly known problems with the app which require a restart. If you get a black screen, or you are frozen on a specific page, restarting your device can fix this issue… until it happens again.
  3. Toggle your Wi-Fi. If you are having connection issues, simply switching your Wi-Fi off and on can reconnect you to a more stable signal.

Keeping your crypto safe is important, especially if you’ve just entered your exchange withdrawal address to make a transaction.

With a whole range of issues that could be affecting the app, from a bad connection to server downtime, to DDOS attacks and corrupted data, how do you know what the issue is – and better yet, how else can you fix it? Here’s what to do if none of the above suggestions worked.

Technical issues

The app is growing incredibly quickly and with quick growth comes server and stability issues as the company tries to server all the new users.

There are some common technical issues that pop up regularly, so if you haven’t experienced them before, here they are and how to deal with them.

Deposits and withdrawals delayed

Crypto is an extremely volatile asset, and when prices fluctuate quickly, companies like need to provide liquidity and security for their transactions.

This means sometimes the influx of volume is too large and they need to temporary limit deposits or withdrawals to catch up with their liquidity requirements. If this is the case don’t panic, just wait a day or so and they will likely resume trading as normal.

Card transactions declined

This is a serious issue that is fairly rare but has popped up a few times. This is linked with the previous technical issue, and also has to do with the app’s liquidity. In this case you can do something to help.

You can change your card type, or the source of your funds. This is usually a problem when a card provider gets overwhelmed by requests from users on the app and temporarily puts a hold on transactions.

Slow app

A very slow app, or slow transactions can be caused by several things. Either the app has a large influx of users or trades if crypto is currently volatile, or it may be your own connection slowing you down. If that’s the case, we have the solution for you below.

Check your connection

Using the app requires you to have an internet connection, as it provides you with a “hot wallet,” an online wallet which requires an internet connection to use. Not only that, but the exchange servers, staking networks, and most of the features of the app require a stable connection.

If you’re noticing orders not going through correctly, or the app seems unresponsive when it comes to finding updates menus or information, your connection is likely the cause.

  1. Toggle your Wi-Fi off and on. Turning it off and on again might just work. Don’t ask us how, but it just does.
  2. Look for a better signal. Try to move around your home and get closer to the Wi-Fi source. The closer you are, the stronger and more stable your connection will be.
  3. Reset your router. Unplugging your router for 30 seconds and then reconnecting it will reset your connection, hopefully providing you with one that’s much more stable.
  4. Use Mobile data. If all else fails and you really need to get on the app right now, using your mobile data might be the only current solution.

Check if the app is down

As a relatively new and quickly developing app, frequently goes down for maintenance and updates. On top of that downtime, it’s also been known to go down due to overwhelmed servers with influxes of new users.

If you suspect the servers may be down, you can check here. If you see a big spike in reports and they are down, then unfortunately your best option is just to wait until they are fixed.


Update the app updates very regularly as the world of crypto is constantly changing. With all the new additions and changes, if you aren’t keeping your app updated it can eventually start to slow down or not work correctly.

To update your app, go to the Play Store, search for the app and next to the “open” button will be an “update” option.


Sadly to say, when an app is becoming very popular and growing quickly, it can experience growing pains resulting in a degraded service at some times. As long as you can deal with the occasional downtime and slowdown, you will get to enjoy one of the best crypto apps available today.

Keeping your app updated and ensuring you have a stable internet connection will go a long way to minimizing the issue son your side, but unfortunately, not everything can be avoided especially when the problems come from the app’s servers themselves.

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