Clash Of Clans Keeps Crashing

Clash of clans was one of the forerunners when it comes to the big mobile games of our time.
Even now the app has nearly 2 million daily active users! That’s a lot of people…

As such with such a larger player base, even an issue which effects even the smallest percentage of players is still a big issue. Issues like these happen for apps all the time and can be caused by any number of things. A faulty file, another app interfering, even a hardware issue with the device itself.

Clash of Clans Keeps Crashing

If you’re Clash of Clans app keeps crashing, then there’s a few things to do. Firstly, however we need to determine whether it’s an issue on your end or on the developers end. Any number of server issue or outages can occur which would result in this sort of behaviour.

So, how do we do tell? Well, we can check the Clash of Clans Facebook and Twitter pages as they post updates there regarding server outages or any other issues which may be occurring and stopping users from accessing the app. You can expect a post along the lines of “We’re getting reports of users whose apps are crashing and are investigating”. That sort of thing. Just letting you know to sit tight and wait essentially as they’re working on a fix.

If you’ve done your check and the app is still having issues, then let us have a look and see what we can do to help.

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Check for updates

Apps have a variety of issues all the time and one of the most common causes for these more obscure issues are updates. If the developers push an update server side, it can cause the app to stop working properly until the update has been done by users. This is rarely something as significant as the entire app crashing but it is very possible.

Here’s what to do.


  • Open the app store.
  • Navigate to your profile, this is an icon in the top right.
  • Scroll down to your list of apps and find the Clash of Clans app, if it’s in the “to be updated” section then hit that update button!


  • Navigate to the play store home screen.
  • Select “My apps & games.”
  • Here you can select the Clash of Clans app specifically if it needs an update or just hit the update all button. I tend to check if it needs updating to see if that could have been the problem but still make sure to do update all.

Reinstall/clear cache

Sometimes these apps have stored data that can corrupt files and cause issues with loading. Nothing to worry about here though, this happens when files break, and a simple clearing of the cache removes the problem files.

Keep in mind when doing this that it will remove all saved data. Files, usernames, and accounts. A lot of this is held server side by Clash of Clans however so the only hassle is a quick sign in and you’re back up and running.

Thankfully this can be done on both Android and IOS devices.

For iPhone/IOS devices it’s not very intuitive how to do this… Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to delete the app and reinstall it… This is a little annoying, but it will also clear up any potential corrupt files.

For Android this can be done from the app settings.

  • Navigate to settings.
  • Select apps.
  • Select the Clash of Clans app.
  • Select storage.
  • Hit the clear cache option down in the bottom right.

Network issues

While a complete loss of internet wouldn’t cause the app to crash a partial connection or unstable connection can do just that. If you suspect you are having network issues, there’s some simple steps to resolve them.

First things first, restart your phone. The good old off and on resets your phones network adapter and can resolve issues.

If you’re on wifi and the restart doesn’t resolve the issue then move onto the wifi router you’re connected too. Give it a restart too. This is usually done by simply powering the router off for a few seconds and then turning it back on. Off and on again, it really is incredible how many devices get fixed from a restart. From a phone to server. Amazing…


In conclusion, the Clash of Clans app very rarely has any issues. As they are such a large company working on the app and with nearly 2 million users you can imagine they’d have quite the influx of complaints if they ever went down unexpectantly.

Therefore, the issue is likely on your end and if you follow the steps we outlined here you should be back up and running in no time!

We hope this article has helped. Happy gaming!

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