Can you send pictures on Tinder?

If you’re looking to make a connection with someone else on a dating app, sending them images can be a great way to do this.

Sending them pictures can give someone a greater insight into your day to day life, which can give more information about you that your Tinder profile allows.

But many users look to send pictures on Tinder, only to find that there’s no actual option to send personal pictures to other users of the platform.

Sending pictures on Tinder: Why it’s prohibited

If you know Tinder well, you may already be aware that Tinder doesn’t allow you to send pictures to other users.

The reason that Tinder say they don’t allow this is because of spam and harassment – so basically, too many creepy guys would end up sending pictures of their tackle to women on the platform. Disgraceful.

Though you can’t directly send pictures on Tinder messages, there are some workaround tactics that you could use to upload pictures so your Tinder match can see them.

Use an image hosting service

The easiest thing for you to do if you want to use your phone camera roll to add media for the other person to see is using an image hosting service.

Imgur is usually the first image sharing site that many users look to, but there are many Imgur alternatives that will allow you to do pretty much the same thing.

This will allow you to generate links with the images from your photo library. You can then share those photo links with the other person, allowing them to open and see the image you uploaded.

Move away from Tinder

The Tinder Dating app is one of the only social media or dating platform that doesn’t allow you to send messages to others on the platform.

Most other accounts allow you to do this, so it could be worth asking the other person if they want to chat elsewhere.

If you’ve got to know them well then that could be WhatsApp or Line. If you want to keep it on socials, then Snapchat is a great option to share pictures and videos to a particular person.

Send a gif instead

Though you can’t send picture messages in Twitter, you can send GIFs to other people directly via your messages.

GIFs are a very effective method of getting a response from Tinder matches, as they can be a great icebreaker if you know that you both already have something in common with each other.

Using GIFs is a fun way to keep the conversation alive with other Tinder users, and you can still find funny pictures to send. So, the GIF option may actually be a better choice.


There are a lot of great things about Tinder, but unfortunately the app doesn’t make it easy to send pictures to other users. This is why it’s important to have several Tinder profile photos.

With a little innovation, there are some alternative methods that you can use to share photos from your Camera Roll so the other Tinder account can see them – just watch what you’re doing, as you don’t want to get your Tinder account banned.

This is unlikely however, so using another platform to send picture messages is probably your best bet.

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