Can you see your subscribers on YouTube?

YouTube is quickly becoming one of the biggest websites on the internet, I mean, it is huge, but it just keeps getting bigger. With quite literally billions of views every week it’s a world wide staple of the internet, and pretty much anyone can make money from their YouTube channel.

YouTube works on a basis where anyone can make an account and uploads videos. It is essentially a community website where the company makes money from the adverts which go on the videos.

A great system and a clearly very successful website. The good part about all this, is that YouTube creators essentially get a cut of the ad revenue that YouTube makes from the adverts on their videos. The better the videos do, the better YouTube does and the better the creator does.

With subscriber numbers being the heart of a content creators’ business it’s important to be able to track your subscribers when it comes to how many you have, how many you gained recently and what the overall trends are of your account.

Let’s have a look…

Can you see your subscribers on YouTube?

When it comes to viewing your own subscriber numbers it’s thankfully very easy. Once you have opened the website and are on the home page you select your profile icon in the top right and on the drop down menu select “my channel”. This will take you to your channels home page and if you check just below your channel name next to your icon there will be a number indicating your current subscriber count.

Similarly, if you wish to check another YouTubers subscriber account, first navigate to their channels home page and do the same. Check where the channel name is, just next to the icon, for an indicator of how many subscribers the channel has.

What else can you track on your YouTube page?

YouTube has a great tool for retrieving data which is built into your account as a content creator. This is the YouTube analytics.

YouTube analytics is used by channel owners to measure various statistics on their users, view counts, trends and a whole range of other bits and pieces that are there to help you understand your audience.

Here’s just a few of the stats that YouTube analytics will show you.

  • Watch time
  • View count
  • Subscriber count
  • Geographic distribution
  • Gender
  • Device viewed on
  • Where the video was discovered

All of these things can help you tailor your content for your audience. If you notice you have a large audience who watch content on mobile, then maybe making those infographics a bit more readable on a smaller screen is a good idea. That sort of thing. It may be small but improving your content is a sure way of increasing views and subscriber count.


In conclusion, YouTube lets you track subscriber numbers thankfully very easily for your own channel as well as other channels. This can be a good indicator of the viewership of a channel and just the general success of a channel.

As well as this YouTube allows for the tracking of other statistics through their YouTube analytics program, while this isn’t available to anyone other than the channel owner themselves it is a useful tool in helping creators tailor their content for their audience.

We hope this article helped and you’re able to check in on your subscriber count and all your favourite content creators too!

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