Can you play GamePigeon on Mac? – Here’s the truth

GamePigeon is an iOS app, which acts as an extension for iMessage. GamePigeon is essentially a collection of classic games, such as Cup Pong and 20 Questions.

The app contains over 20 different games, which can be played from the comfort of your phone. There are only multiplayer games available, all of which can be played with your iMessage contacts.

But what if you want to play iMessage games on your Macbook? That’s what we’ll be taking a quick look at.

Can you play GamePigeon on Mac? – Answered

The answer is that unfortunately, you can’t play GamePigeon games on a Macbook as they use a different operating system. You can only directly play GamePigeon on an iOS device – not by using the MacOS, unfortunately.

Since GamePigeon is an iMessage extension, you can only use the app on devices with iMessage. Macs usually don’t have iMessage available, unlike iPhones.

It’s the same scenario with Android devices and the Android OS – you still can’t use Game Pigeon there, and you can’t download it from the Google Play Store either.

Instead, Macs have a Messages app that acts as the default messenger. This means that you can’t use GamePigeon on a Mac device.

This is quite unfortunate as a Mac’s larger screen would be useful for playing GamePigeon games, as opposed to an iPhone’s much smaller screen.

However, whilst you can’t directly use GamePigeon on a Mac; you can still display GamePigeon on a Mac screen.

You will need an iPhone, with GamePigeon downloaded, in order to do this. This way, you can take advantage of a Mac’s larger screen, whilst playing the games on your iPhone.

How to display GamePigeon on Mac

Firstly, ensure that your Mac has QuickTime Player installed. Mac OS X should have QuickTime Player already installed.

If you’re using an older Mac OS, QuickTime Player may not be installed by default. In this case, you’ll have to manually install QuickTime Player.

How to download QuickTime Player

Downloading QuickTime Player on a Mac is a simple task. There are multiple download links for QuickTime Player available on the Apple website, or via the Mac App Store.

You can manually download QuickTime Player by going on the Apple Support website:


Find the relevant download link, and click on it. If you’re using a Mac, click on the download link for Mac OS X:


Click the download option to download QuickTime Player.

How to use QuickTime Player

After ensuring that you have QuickTime Player installed on your Mac, check that you have GamePigeon downloaded on your iPhone.

You can download GamePigeon by opening the iOS App Store, and searching for ‘gamepigeon’.


Find the GamePigeon app, and press the ‘install’ option to download the app.

After downloading GamePigeon on your iPhone, connect your iPhone to your Mac using a lightning/USB cable.

Next, open QuickTime Player on your Mac, and go to File > New Movie Recording > iPhone. Your iPhone screen should now be showing on your Mac.

Now, open iMessage on your iPhone. There should be a row of icons at the bottom of the screen. The GamePigeon icon should be there.

Find the icon and press on it to open GamePigeon. The GamePigeon icon should look like a game controller (i.e. the same as the GamePigeon app’s icon in the App Store).

If the icon doesn’t appear in the initial row of icons, you can press and hold the icons to maximise them.

You can now swipe left or right to scroll through all the different icons available. Scroll until you find the GamePigeon icon, and press on it to open GamePigeon.

Finally, press on a game to start playing it. Since the games are all multiplayer, you will be required to choose an iMessage contact to play with.

Open a message thread with your chosen contact, and open GamePigeon. Press the game you wish to play.

The game will then appear as a message, which you must send to your chosen contact. Once they’ve received your invitation, you can start playing the game by taking turns.

The message that contains the game should have a play icon (a triangle). Press the play icon to open the game. It should appear in its own window.


Now, you can start playing the game.


In conclusion, GamePigeon can only be played on devices that have iMessage downloaded.

iMessage is usually only available on iPhones, thus GamePigeon is mainly an iPhone app. iMessage is required because GamePigeon is an iMessage extension.

It doesn’t function as an app in and of itself – it only functions in iMessage. Macs don’t have iMessage so GamePigeon cannot be used on Mac devices, but GamePigeon can be displayed on a Mac screen using QuickTime Player.

It’s one of the more reliable apps to play iPhone games on, but it does have problems occasionally. Check this article out if GamePigeon has stopped working on your iPhone.

QuickTime Player is a default app on Mac OS X, but can also be downloaded through the Apple website. Just connect your iPhone to your Mac using a lightning/USB cable, and use QuickTime Player to project your iPhone screen onto your Mac.

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