Can you make a Boomerang out of a video?

Boomerang is a popular video-making app made by Instagram, which is a widely-known social media service.

Boomerang makes mini-videos, or clips, out of a burst of photos. These clips continuously bounce/loop back and forth, much like a real-life boomerang.

You can easily make a boomerang video out of the existing videos you have saved on your phone – here’s how you can do that.

Can you make a Boomerang out of a video?

Boomerang clips are similar to GIFs in how they behave – they’re usually really short, and automatically repeat themselves.

You can make Boomerangs using the official Boomerang app, which allows you to take a burst of photos. The series of photos will then be converted into a Boomerang, and you’ll be given options to save or share it.

The Boomerang app doesn’t provide options for uploading any existing photos or videos from external source. You can’t just take an existing video from your camera roll and turn it into a Boomerang clip unfortunately.

Boomerang only allows you to take photos from within the app, and subsequently use them to make a Boomerang.

The app also doesn’t allow you to actually record videos, so you can’t make a Boomerang from a video. You can only take a series of quick photos.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to use videos to make Boomerangs. You just can’t do it from within the Boomerang app.

How to make a Boomerang using a video

There are many websites that allow you to make a boomerang from a video file, but one of the most popular sites is Clideo.

Clideo is a free site that lets you upload videos, and convert them into Boomerangs. The site is very simple and easy to use.

Just keep in mind that you can only upload a certain amount of videos as a non-paying user. Clideo offers a subscription service, which allows you to upload an unlimited amount of videos.

Using Clideo

Go to


Click ‘choose file’ and select the video you wish to upload. This will be the video you use to make the Boomerang.

Alternatively, you can hover over the downward-facing arrow (next to ‘choose file’) and upload a video from a different source.

You can either select ‘Google Drive’ to choose a video from your Google Drive, or select ‘Dropbox’ to choose a video from your Dropbox.


The video will take some time to upload. When the video is finished uploading, you will be taken to the video-editing page.

Here, your video has been converted into a Boomerang (a looping clip). There will be a series of options you can use to edit how the Boomerang plays.

You can alter the speed and the clip rate. You can also double the length of the Boomerang by checking the ‘append reversed video’ option.


When you’re done editing the Boomerang, click ‘export’ to export the clip. You will be shown the final Boomerang, along with a series of options.

The Boomerang will have a watermark on it unless you pay a subscription to Clideo. You can pay $9.00 a month, or $72.00 a year. You can go to the subscription page by clicking the ‘remove watermark’ option.


You can also choose to edit the Boomerang again by clicking the ‘edit’ option, or save the Boomerang by clicking the ‘download’ option.

Alternatively, you can hover over the downward-arrow to save the Boomerang to another source. Click ‘Google Drive’ to save it to your Google Drive, or click ‘Dropbox’ to save it to your Dropbox.


Using Boomerang Video Maker

There are also free apps that allow you to make Boomerangs out of videos, such as Boomerang Video Maker.

The app is completely free to install and use, and there are no in-app purchases or subscriptions available. Instead, there are ads that appear as you use the app, but you can easily close them after 5 seconds. You can find the app in the App Store by searching ‘boomerang video maker’.

After you’ve downloaded the app, open it. Then, press the ‘loop’ option to start making a Boomerang.


Next, press the pictures icon in the lower left corner to open your gallery. You will be shown all the videos available in your gallery. These include Live Photos and GIFs. Select the video you wish to Boomerang.


If the video is too long, the app will give you an error message. Don’t worry too much if this is the case. You can simply trim the video into a more suitable length. There will be a section of the video highlighted in the top row.

This section cannot be changed in terms of size, but it can be moved. Choose the section of the video you wish to Boomerang. You can play the selected part by pressing the play button (near the bottom of the screen). When you’re done choosing a section, press ‘choose’.


Your video has now been converted into a Boomerang. You can share the Boomerang as a GIF, or as a video.

You can also upload it to Instagram directly, or save the Boomerang by pressing the downwards-arrow in the top right.


In conclusion, there are many platforms that allow you to convert a video into a Boomerang, or even make a video into a live wallpaper.

Some are websites, whilst other are downloadable applications, and they all make it easy to turn a saved video into a Boomerang clip. You can then upload them to your Instagram app or in Instagram stories.

Most of these services are free, but some have limitations unless you’re willing to pay a subscription fee. If you’re looking for a completely free service, try Boomerang Video Maker. If you’re looking for a more ad-free service, try Clideo.

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