Can you draw on photos iPhone?

Drawing on photos is one of the easiest ways to get your point across. The ability to quickly annotate images and send them to your friends and family can be used both for fun but also for practical purposes too.

So, you want quick and easy annotations of photos from iPhones? The good news is that it is possible to use the Photo App for this task and draw on your photos.

If you’ve ever wanted to draw on your images within the Photos app, we’re going to look at the ways that you can do so.

Use Markup on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Markup allows you to edit screenshots and photo files, and you can draw on theses images using various thicknesses and opacities to get the desired result.

This is the easiest way, and using markup tools and the pen tool specifically makes it very easy to draw with your finger on your photos and make simple additions.

Draw with Markup

After choosing your marker tools like pencils or markers, you can then pick a colour and start drawing.

Tap on this tool to increase your colour coverage, and you can use the slider to change the thickness of your pen. You can also tap colour to change the colour that you’re going to draw in.

Move a drawing

Once you’re done drawing the piece, you can then move the piece around. You can use the Lasso tool to do this, as this essentially enables you to select a section of your photo.

Tap the Lasso button and trace circles around your drawn object, then drag it to what you need and drag it.

How to add Signatures to a Photo on iPhone

Apple has a new feature allowing for adding signatures for photographs. This means that you can easily add a signature to your photos, which can be extremely useful when you want to place text that’s already pre-created onto your images.

You’ll be able to use the signature as one of the additional editing options – you can then save the newer version wit your signature added.

Using Pencil Tool on iPhone

The pencil has similar functions to pen tools, but it enables you to draw on your photos with a much finer line than using the pen tool.

The pencil tool can be used to draw different Apple devices: both iPhone and iPad users can make the most of it.

Using the Highlighter Tool on iPhone

The highlighter tool can be used to mark sections of text as if they were using a highlighter pen.

How to use highlighter tools for iPhones? You can choose this markup tool by looking next to the pen tool. Your highlighter will be opaque, so you’ll still be able to see the photo behind the highlighted section.

Using the Eraser Tool on iPhone

Using the eraser tool you can easily erase parts from your drawing when you want to get rid of something – this can include whole sections of your picture.

How can I save edited photos on my iPhone?

Once your images are done, you can keep the changes by selecting to save the edited photos on your phone.

Your picture should now have edits in it – you can save it as a new photo or overwrite the old one if you need to.


Using the markup feature on your photos app is a great way to draw directly on top of your photos. This can be used for annotations, or you can choose to add perfect shapes or add text to your images instead.

Just like you can use video recording apps to record and edit videos, you can also edit photos on iPhone too. You can use two fingers to zoom into your display and then tap save when you’re done.

Then, send your edited photo to your friends to show them that yes, you can in fact draw on photos!

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