Best Zombie Mobile Games for Android & iOS

Zombie games are amongst the most popular when it comes to gamers, however, there’s a shortage of zombie games to play. This is true on console and PC, but it’s even more true on mobile.

So, we decided to take a look at the best zombie games that are available for an Android and iOS device. Whether you’re looking for a survival strategy game or a quick tap and slash, there’s a good variety to suit everyone.

Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead series is an episodically-driven gaming series that’s loosely based on the TV series.

As you might expect, the goal of the game is to just survive against the zombie hordes, though you may also need to watch out for other survivors too.

This Walking Dead game involves making difficult choices that can have dramatic consequences on your game, so making the right decision in-game is paramount to your success.

You need to defend your camp from the zombies, and at its simplest it’s a great strategy game that revolves around you making your base stronger and more resilient to attacks.

Growing your army is the best way to win, but to do that you need to make allegiances with other players in game – and making the wrong friends could come back to haunt you in the long run.

This is the official game with licensed characters from the Walking Dead series, so if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll undoubtedly love playing this, as it’s maybe the best zombie game for mobile.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

One of the best zombie games if you love strategy, Dead Ahead allows you to create your own team to defeat the oncoming zombie army.

Dead Ahead carries more of a challenge the further you progress through the game, as it’s your goal to find other survivors. This means that you need to win in maps to unlock new ones – it’s a good mix of strategy and slasher gameplay that most people will fine.

As you play through the game, you’ll unlock more and more and get the possibility to upgrade your vehicles in game too. There are also side quests, which shows how big the world of this game is.

Dead Ahead offers fun gameplay that makes it a fitting sequel to the original release of the zombie game.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is another one of the best zombie survival games to play, as your goal is to ensure the safety of your family.

The gameplay is amongst the best around for a zombie game, with it being a arcade style zombie shooter.

You can use different weapons on your quest – you can try and stay safe on board your vehicle firing guns or get down into the fray and go melee on the zombies. This game has an excellent balance between risk and reward.

The story mode is fun to play, and there are various different endings that can occur depending on the decisions that you make. So, play carefully – the wrong decision can be fatal.

Death Road to Canada

Zombies are taking over the planet, and its your duty to lead a squad of misfits to defeat them whilst you travel from Florida to Canada, which is the last remaining civilisation.

Death Road to Canadian is an action RPG that can be played over and over again due to the different paths you can take.

You may recruit characters into your team to improve your defensive skills – however, some characters are more likely to betray you than others. And they will, so make sure to keep your eye on your squad throughout.

There’s a variety of different weapons that you can acquire through the game, from the flamethrower through to a much more basic boomerang. It’s a super fun zombie game to download if you want to play a classic style zombie game.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is an action-based FPS action zombie shooting game where you need to survive the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

Over time you need to build your hideout and make your fortress impenetrable, with a variety of weapons to choose from like the melee weapons katana or chainsaw – there’s a ton of different weapons to acquire in Dead Trigger.

There’s a variety of different maps to play, and you can compete in the tournaments if you think you’re tough enough. The tournaments are regularly held on a weekly basis, and it’s not a pay to play as you can easily get by without spending a penny.

It provides a solid gaming experience easy control to learn, and it’s a solid option if you just want to start blasting zombies. This mobile game is available in both the App Store and the Google Play store too.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a strategy zombie-game where you lead an army of plants to defeat the oncoming horde of zombies. Though, it’s definitely not what you’d consider a scary game.

You can collect power-ups and collectable throughout the game that allow you to supercharge your army – it’s a simple enough game that’s fun to play.

Plants vs Zombies is a zombie survival game that offers typical survival features, however you can switch game modes if you want something a little more challenging.

You can switch into Arena mode, which will pit you against other players of the game, and try to climb the leaderboard to get the highest score possible. This gives you access to new levels, but it ain’t easy.

Despite its simplicity, Plants vs Zombie games have continued to be popular, and it’s actually due to the simple controls that they’re as popular as they are.


We compiled this list of the best zombie games for smartphones so you can find something enjoyable to play. From free-to-play titles to premium paid games, there’s a zombie game that every Halloween enthusiast can enjoy.

With horror gaming giving fans an amazing blend of joy and fear, hopefully more zombie games are on the horizon.

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