Best tennis games for Android & iOS

Tennis is an iconic sport, so it’s no surprise that there’s various different mobile games that have come to Android.

There’s a variety of different tennis games that you can download, and it’s not always easy to know which one you should go with.

So, we’re going to look at the best tennis games for Android so you can get your Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic on.

Tennis Champion 3D

If you want to play a strategic tennis game on Android, Tennis Champion is a great choice to go with.

The game has realistic gameplay, and you need to use your best tennis skills to beat the opponent. There are various different game modes that you can play, including online multiplayer mode, split screen multiplayer mode and career mode too.

Tennis Champion 3D manages to balance fun gameplay with accuracy to the real world, which is something most tennis games struggle with.

The game is equally as fun whether you want a quick game to pick up and play or want to get engrossed in online mode and moving up the ranks.

With several game modes, great gameplay and solid in-game physics, it’s no wonder that this is a popular tennis game on Android.

3D Tennis

3D Tennis is one of the authentic tennis games available for Android phones – it’s one of the only games that has realistic 3D graphics.

3D tennis has fluid and fast gameplay that makes it an accurate tennis simulation, and the game itself has intuitive controls and is simple enough to get started.

It also gives you an extensive choice of players, and you have the choice between Quick play mode or World Tour mode, with your objective to win a Grand Slam.

If you want a game that’s as close to playing real-life tennis as possible 3D tennis might be the best tennis game for you.

Tennis Manager

Though maybe not your traditional tennis game, Tennis Manager is a little different but still worthy of a place on our list, for its innovation alone.

Leaping off the back of the famous Football Manager games, this Android tennis game runs you through the experience of a tennis coach.

Your task is to manage the tennis players to be the champion. This includes building and growing your own academy, developing your facilities and making the right hires to support your academy too.

In career mode, you can encounter different difficulties, with the eventual aim of cocaching the world number 1. For this, you need to use the right tactics and strategies, which isn’t always straightforward.

Tennis Manager has some interesting features, but it’s obviously not your typical tennis game with gameplay. However, it is fun, so it’s worth downloading if you enjoy this style of game.

Ultimate Tennis: 3D Online Sports

Ultimate Tennis is another great tennis game for android. It’s an augmented reality tennis game that has great graphics with even better gameplay.

Ultimate Tennis has a fairly straightforward control system, where the player can easy hit and slice the ball by flicking their finger. One thing that makes the game attractive is that you can play in both one-hand or two-handed mode depending on your preference.

There are various different game modes to play, from World Tour mode through to a simple online match against another opponent etc. You can play against randoms or you can play your friends online with Ultimate Tennis.

One thing that makes thing game stand out is the customisation that it offers, with the ability to learn different special moves whilst you’re playing the game. You can easily adjust your equipment and skills to suit your own tastes, which isn’t as common in a mobile game.

So, if you enjoy playing tennis games with good graphics, nice gameplay and a natural feel, Ultimate Tennis may be the best option.

Stick Tennis

One of the most downloaded tennis games in the Google Play Store, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of fun with Stick Tennis.

Essentially, this easy but extremely interesting game allows players to play tennis in a variety of different game modes.

This includes World Domination mode, where you have to take on some legendary tennis players, or simply just earning trophies in the daily challenge.

The games features many tennis courts that need to be unlocked with each game – there’s over 10 courts in the game. And along with this, the game has 70 different players that you can unlock, which can take a while.

The gameplay fast and hard, and above all, actually fun to play. Adding all of this together makes this one of the best Android tennis games.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenges is a popular tennis game that’s designed to be extremely realistic, and it definitely hits the mark when it comes to realistic graphics that most tennis lovers will appreciate.

The gameplay is pretty solid for a tennis game, with lobs and slices integrated into the real ball physics pretty well.

In addition, with Virtua Tennis you have various mode options to choose from including multiplayer, exhibition game, training mode, or play through the whole World Tour (career mode).

Its graphics are awesome, and it’s easy to complete against the 50 different in-game players across 18 different stadiums. It’s worth a download if you enjoy tennis games that are well made and enjoyable.


Hopefully, our list of the top tennis Android games for your mobile is useful in helping you find the right game for your needs. You can also check out our lists of golf games and basketball games for more great apps to download.

Tennis is one of the less popular sports when it comes to mobile gaming, though there’s still some great options that you can download. So

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