Best Study Apps for Android & iOS users

The study process has changed drastically over the last few years, and for many, technology like your smartphone is just a distraction from getting things done.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and actually with a little discipline, your smartphone can become one of your biggest advantages.

Downloading some great study apps can help you to take notes, create a to do list and much more. Here’s a few of the best study apps worth checking out.

Best overall study app: Evernote

Evernote is an excellent app that is highly regarded when it comes to note taking, but there’s actually quite a bit more to the app than that.

This multipurpose app be used to streamline your notes, but it can also be used for is to do list features too.

This can be used to create tasks for you to complete, which works extremely well for university students that need some structure to their week.

Evernote works with a variety of different file types, including PDFs, images and web clippings too – useful if you want to add in an academic reference to revisit later,

When it comes to note taking apps for students, Evernote is the perfect app, and is definitely worth checking out. See a full review of Evernote for more detail.

My Study Life

My Study Life is an app that works on both iPhone and Android phones, and it allows users to keep a record of their studying

You can keep assignments and your homework in the app, which used the Cloud: this means that you can access them anytime from any of your devices.

There is a task feature too, with reminders that can be set to make sure you’re on the right schedule to get things finished in time.

You can also quickly see when there’s a scheduling conflict between your class assignments and exams, so you don’t need to worry about them overlapping.

The app can store information, and works well for setting out a study session in advance.

If you take some time to set up their timetables, it’s definitely one of the best apps that you can use for studying.

Best Brainstorming Study App: XMind

Mindmapping is one of the best ways to brainstorm your ideas, and for this, XMind is the first app that comes to mind. It’s available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play store too.

The app offers mind-mapping tools to help when thinking and researching ideas, but ultimately it works best for brainstorming.

You can create the skeleton of mind maps quickly, and then go ahead and cluster your ideas based on where they’re relevant.

You can also use it to create other kinds of structures like organisational charts too – it’s a good brainstorming study app that’s simple yet effective, and can be used for a variety of things too.


Mathway can be an essential app for students who will encounter math problems during the course of study.

It’s essentially a smart calculator that you can use to get the answer to a variety of different calculations.

You just enter your calculus or algebra equation into the app, and Mathway can help you find a solution – whilst also helping you to understand the concepts behind the equations too.

What separates it from other apps is that you can use your camera to take a picture of the question from your handwritten notes, then import it into the app. A cool feature, and an extremely useful app overall.


Uniday is one of many apps that offers student discount for uni students, but often a lot of the retailers that they work with are exclusive to the Unidays platform.

It’s a popular student app that works to help you save money via discounts from various different e-commerce stores.

Whether it’s used for getting 10% off your ASOS order or you want heavy discounts on a new laptop, Unidays is usually worth signing up for as it can help to save money, making it one of the best student apps.


One of the most useful task management app is Todoist – as the name suggests, it’s an app you can use to create to do lists

Todoist has the ability for you to create tasks, write down your project notes, add in your attachments and more.

You can easily integrate Todoist with your iPhone or Apple device, as it can be set up with your calendar and voice assistant, as well as other apps like Slack too.

It can be a great study app if you use it to create project templates, and then use the task management features to make sure you’re getting things done.


Though not a standard study app, Headspace can be a great contributor to a good studying experience if you use it properly.

The app is filled with plenty of features, but its main goal is for you to stress less.

To achieve this, the app has guided meditations, relaxing daily stories and content that will motivate and inspire you to get work done each morning.

There are lots of mindfulness exercises in the app too, and a variety of choices depending on what suits you best – 3 minute meditation sessions or longer if you prefer.

Though it’s not an organizational study app that you can use for taking notes or assigning tasks, most students can find an app like Headspace extremely useful.


In conclusion, there are a variety of study apps that can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone users. The best study apps are those that simply make student life easier.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some new ideas about which apps you should consider downloading so you can improve your academic journey and get as much out of being a student life as you can.

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