Best space games for Android & iOS

Finding space apps for mobile isn’t that easy, as it isn’t as common to find good space games made for mobile.

Thankfully, it’s possible to play some great iPhone games revolving around space – you just need to know which ones are worth playing.

So, we’ve outlined a list of great iOS games that vary in style, so you can go on to explore deep space playing some of these space themed games.

Pixel Starships

Pixel Starships is one of the most well known and highly regarded space games for iPhone and Android – you can actually crossplay between devices, which can come in useful.

Pixel Starships allows you to build different types of spacecrafts – the aim of the game is to build the best spaceship.

You do everything from designing the weapon room and engine of your ship through to assigning bedrooms to your crew members – they need a good night’s sleep to help you build a strong spaceship, right?

The PvP battles in-game are enjoyable and rewarding to play through. You can interact with random players online – and then destroy their Starships and earn money to build stronger ships.

Optimizing your own spaceship to ensure its survival is probably the most addictive part of this game, as the survival of the ship is important, and you need lots of upgrades to stay competitive.

Anyway, if you’re a Star Wars or Star Trek fan then you’ll undoubtedly low Pixel Starships, and it’s the first space game you must play.

Waking Mars

If you’re looking for an intriguing storyline, Waking Mars is a space exploration game that’s based around exploring and gathering data from the red planet, and what those scientists have to do.

It’s your goal to get life on Mars, which includes planting new life – the game takes players into the fascinating Martian landscape, and contains interesting life forms of all different varieties.

It offers a mix of puzzle solving and exploring, and there are plenty of interesting characters that you’ll meet by the time you get to the end of the game.

The puzzles mainly cover the Martian ecosystem and how these forms of life interact with each other. If you want a fast paced action shooter, this ain’t it.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not still one of the best space games for iPhone – if you prefer a slower pace of game, download Waking Mars.

Ticket to Earth

Definitely not your traditional space game, Ticket to Earth is a puzzle game with an entertaining sci-fi plot with mutant insects and rampant robots.

You switch the battlefield and fast shoot ’em style for an old fashioned puzzle game with turn based mechanics – it definitely has an innovative approach, and you need to take a little time to learn how to play it properly.

Your goal is to find your own way across the puzzle grid, which is much more difficult than it sounds. You do this gradually by picking up tiles along your way and eventually powering up your character with special attacks.

Ticket to Earth is a fun game with cartoon like graphics, and it’s one of the best space games for iPhone users to download.

Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer is a top space game for iOS and iPads, and if you’re looking for a typical space shooter game, this is your game.

This PVP Shooter allows you to explore the galaxy either in pvp or you can play multiplayer in Space Pioneer too. The game has a unique play style, which overall gives you a better chance of winning against the competition.

As you play through the missions, you’ll have to recover items which then allows you to upgrade your guns and combat skills. You need to complete certain objectives to earn these rewards, and it doesn’t come easy.

And as you play through missions in preparation for the bosses – which range from shooter robots to giant hornets – the game gets harder in harder. In fact, it only has three difficulty modes to play in – normal, hard and hell.

If that sounds like your dream space game, then download Space Pioneer for a ton of fun, including the ability to create your own space base and power it up over time.

Knights of the Old Republic

A game that needs no introduction, KOTOR was incredibly popular on other consoles, and it was only a certain amount of time before they’d bring it to mobile.

Knights of the Old Republic allows you to become the Jedi from the original Star Wars Story. Though, the game has lots of interesting places from Star Wars Canon: Tattooine, the Sith Academy and many more.

Making the right decision is vital in KOTOR, and if you’re wondering how well it can work on iPhone – it works just fine The gameplay is clean, and you can use the pause button whilst in combat to beat your enemies.

KOTOR has pretty much everything you’d want from a space-related game, and it’d be a crime to leave it out of any list of the best space games.


Just like zombie games, space and sci-fi games tend to be made for console or PC gamers – however, there are still some great games made for iOS users too.

Fingers crossed our list of the top space games has introduced you to something new – just make sure you don’t become addicted to mobile gaming, as space exploration and mobile gaming is a lethal combination.

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