Best Music Speed Changer for Desktop

Some audio files can be very slow, or are spoken in an audio that can make it harder to understand. Or, you may just want to play around with slower and faster speeds with your music library.

Either way, using a speed changer can help to create an effective audio experience.

We’re going to look at some of the best music speed changer apps that you can download to have a little fun with your sound.


Although well known as a video clip editor, VEED has created a new music speed switcher that lets you change audio speed in real time.

Just like the video editor, there is no software needed and no need to download anything to your computer. You can do the same in your internet browser as you would in other downloaded apps.

You can easily download audio, select the speed and then save it as a new file. It is possible to set the speed to 1x, 1.5x, 0.5x – or you can choose an optional speed in VEED. It can be used quickly with no experience of sound processing, making it a great choice for beginners.

Simply upload a new Audio File Upload into VEEED and drag it into a timeline. Then, change speed in the settings menu. If you’re looking for a quick solution, this music speed changer is defnitely worth downloading.


iMovie is an excellent Mac editing app that allows you to edit audio as well as video. It is available to download on Macbooks, though you may have the app installed on your device already.

You can upload your audio files to the timeline, click the Speedometer icon on the top right of the interface and adjust the speed of your audio file.

You can adjust the speed setting & utilise the reverse setting with the check boxes in your settings.You may then adjust the speed of the clip by using the Speed dropdown menu.

Overall, iMovie is a great free audio speed changer that allows you to use different audio file formats and change your music independently of video, if you even have video at all.

Wavepad Sound Editor

Another great music speed changer that you can use to adjust playback speed, Wavepad is available for Mac computers and can be used for quick and easy audio editing.

As with all audio speed-changing software, the waveform Editing experience allows you to modify audio quality, adjust your pitch shift and overall do a whole lot more than just change audio speed.

You can easily add sound effects to your audio files as well as making it faster – you can make the track echo or add reverb easily too.

Its large and simple menu system makes it easy enough to use, so if you’re not an experienced sound editor, it’s still a good choice.

The user can select speed, pitch or profile control from the editor, so Wavepad is worth downloading for Macbook users.


Audacity is a well known open source sound editor that provides audio recording editing, recording changes, speed reduction and other features.

You can download this software for Windows, Macbook or even Linux too. Then, you can simply upload your music files to the Audio Speed Converter.

To adjust your sound, simply click on Effects and click Speed. Here it’s possible to add a speed multiplier to your audio, or use percent changing to configure and determine the length of speed changing.

The set up process for app is pretty straightforward, and Audacity has a whole host of features that are worth checking out if you’re looking for a free music speed changer.


This is an excellent free music speed-up converter for Windows devices. It provides a waveform visualization of audio, and the app really takes things back to basics with its design and layout.

The audio can be edited using various editing tools within the app – you can use them to increase the speed of your audio files.

When the files load, click the process and select Tempo. This then shows the speed settings for changing this to anywhere between 0x or 3x, making it easy to adjust the sound speed.

You can see previews before changing anything within the app too. Plus, you get a lot of different export options that allow you to create the audio file you need. This is worth checking out if you’re looking for a solid audio editor that’s easy to use.

EaseUS Audio Editor

EaseUS has a wide variety of different software tools, with one of them being their audio speed changer or audio editor.

EaseUS Audio Editor works well with Windows devices, and it’s a simple enough way to clip audio segments and adjust your audio speeds.

This tool allows you to speed up one audio file or multiple audio files, and the speed is adjustable by using the slider. After applying the change, you can then add background music to the song too.

EaseUS Audio editor helps with editing and adding more audio files in an intuitive way, and it can allow you to take off non-important parts of the audio before switching up the speed too.


A good music speed changer can accelerate or slow down music, adjust audio pitch and create Audio loops using music change speed settings in a software application. When combined with a music sync app, you can then play that sound across multiple devices.

Whether you want to add audio effects, use a time stretch to adjust your sound or change the tempo of your audio, there’s various different music speed changers here that will do this trick.

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