Best movie streaming apps for Android – Showbox alternatives

If you want to watch and download free movies on an Android device, you have a few different options to choose from.

There are various free movie apps that allow you to watch movies online, whether you want to stream movies or download movies to watch later, you have a few options. Here’s some of the best options for streaming apps that you can use today.

Playbox HD

Probably the best choice if you’re looking for a genuine alternative for Showbox, Playbox HD works in a scarily similar way – the design of the app is pretty much the same as Showbox.

This means that navigating the huge collection of high quality movies is simple enough with an easy to use interface – you’ll find a list of trending movies to scroll through,

The recordings are varying in streaming quality, though you can typically find good quality copies of newly released films without much hassle.

You can download this movie app to Android devices, but you can also watch it on Android TV boxes, Amazon Fire TV or other alternative methods too.

At the moment, this is one of the best movie apps for Android users. Though, it’s not available in the Google Play store, so you’ll have to download it directly here: Playbox Download.

Pluto TV – A legit alternative

As one of the best free movie apps for pretty much any device including Android, you may or may not have heard of Pluto TV already.

It’s built up a reputation for being one of the best methods of streaming movies without having to sign up to premium subscription streaming services like Hulu or Netflix – you can still watch high quality movies and tv shows from within the Pluto TV app.

It offers buffer free streaming, no annoying ads and most of the movies and tv shows are available in HD quality. It has tens of millions of active viewers for a reason – there’s usually something you can find to watch on Pluto TV.

As mentioned, you can watch Pluto on pretty much any device, including Android phones or your Android TV box. The app has movies but also allows you to watch live TV on some channels too.

Though it doesn’t have a great deal of new movies on the platform, it is entirely free, so it’s worth keeping in your catalogue.


If you’re happy to pay to watch movies online, then you’ll want to download Stremio. It’s basically an aggregator of all your different apps in one place.

This means that you can connect different streaming services, then use Stremio to browse through all of the films that they have available.

Even if you only want free movies and TV shows, it’s worth checking out as it’ll have every free movie app integrated into the service and it can show you which free movies you can find one different platforms.

Though not a strict streaming app, Stremio can make streaming movies much easier by tapping into multiple other movie apps.

Popcorn Time

If you’ve used free movie apps before, you may have heard of Popcorn Time already. It’s one of the most well known Showbox alternatives, and if you want to stream movies quickly then it’s a great app to download.

The app uses torrents to give you access to a wide variety of popular movies, with is only legal in certain jurisdictions. If you’re looking for a similar app to Showbox that gives you access to a bunch of films, Popcorn Time is a great choice.

Bear in mind you’ll need to download a VPN if you want to use it properly, as the app has limitations for US and UK users – though using a VPN is a good way to get around that and watch any movie you want.

Though, don’t be surprised if Popcorn Time is not available in the Google Play Store, as the way they deliver free content can be contentious.

Common Questions about Movie Streaming Apps

What is Showbox?

Showbox is, or was, a movie streaming app designed to allow users to watch free movies and TV shows from their Android device or via a Firestick. The app was one of the most popular apps in the Google Play store whilst it was available.

Is Showbox working?

Showbox is currently unavailable and has been for a while. The app was subject to a lot of lawsuits after they enabled users to stream movies without having the rights to them, so it’s likely that the app was removed for this reason.

What is replacing Showbox?

There doesn’t look like there will be any exact replacement of Showbox arriving onto the Play Store at any time in the near future, as the app was pretty unique. However, the above options are all potential Showbox alternatives that provide a somewhat similar service, though they may not be as good as Showbox was.

What other Showbox alternatives are there?

As well as the previously mentioned movie apps, there are also some other alternatives you may want to check out like: Cyberflix TV, Typhoon TV, and Tubi TV. Many free movie apps get closed down eventually like Terrarium TV, likely due to copyrighting issues.


Nowadays smartphones have bigger displays which make them suitable for watching films, which leads many users to ask the question; how do I watch free movies app on Android device? Hopefully we’ve helped to answer that question above.

Watching movies online sounds great in theory but the wrong app can soon turn it into a buffering nightmare. The above options are suitable apps you can download in the Play Store and start watching movies with immediately.

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