Best Apps for Macbook users to download

Macbooks have a lot more features than most users would realize, and there’s a good chance that you’re missing some of the best Mac apps that are available on the operating system.

And they have a vast library of excellent Mac apps, so it can be difficult for even experienced Mac users to know which one out of a range of apps is right for them.

We’re going to look at some of the best MacOS apps that you’ll probably want to download.


Alfred Mac Apps are designed for increasing productivity, and if you’re trying to make the leap over from using a Windows device, it might be a good Mac app to download.

What Alfred is best for is allowing you to perform various types of tasks you perform regularly with your Mac by setting up hotkeys.

Then, you can use these hotkeys to perform specific tasks on your Mac that would usually take longer – for example, launching a specific app at the touch of a key.

You can also use Alfred to help manage and search for files, enable a clipboard history on your Macbook and more.

It’s one of the best productivity apps that you can download for Mac. Though the Premium version of Alfred has some more powerful features, the free version will likely be enough for most people,


Hazel is another great productivity app for MacOS which helps to organise your saved files automatically based on your own criteria.

You know how your iPhone will automatically save photos in the Photos app? you can set up rules like that with Hazel, so files of a specific type automatically get saved into certain files.

Then, you can assign colour labels to all of the file folders to make them stand out. This can help when it comes to duplicate files too, as you’ll be able to identify them easily.

Spending some time with Hazel when you first download it can save you hours of filing and organising time later on – it’s a must have app if you like keeping things organised.

Google Chrome

Safari is the native browser for Apple devices, and for some people, they may be just fine sticking with it.

However, many people prefer to use Google Chrome to access the internet. The main reasons for this is the amount of extensions that you get access to with the Chrome browser.

Extensions for the Chrome browser are much more common, whether you’re looking for increased security or a screenshot extension.

Chrome is also the easier of the two to use when it comes to quick shortcuts, as it gives you instant access to Google Drive and other Google apps – though iPhone and iPad users may want to stick with Safari across their collection of Apple devices.


Whether you’re looking for apps for personal or professional use, Loom is an app that everyone should be aware of.

Loom makes it easy to create tutorial videos to send to others across multiple platforms with the click of a button.

Screen recorders are typically not great, but the Loom user interface works well with MacOS and there’s also browser extensions if you want to use it directly in your browser.

After you’ve shot a video, you then have the ability to either share the video with others or download it for later use.


If you want an app to start a group chat with other people, then the free app Slack for Mac is tough to beat – it has quickly become one of the most downloaded apps when it comes to messaging and communication.

With a sleek interface, Slack enables you to quickly switch from group to group chatting with others, as there are a lot of communities that use the platform.

You can change your status when you’re inactive to let others know when you’re not on Slack, and the speed search lets you quickly discover hidden messages from your history.

When it comes to communicating with others on Mac, Slack is rightly one of the most popular apps – the free version is pretty impressive, too.


Many essential Mac apps are available on your initial install, but if you want help to complete variety of tasks, there are a lot more great apps you can download from the App Store that enable you to do cool things with a Macbook.

Hopefully, in this list of best apps for Mac users, you can find something useful for your daily scrolling.

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