Best lesbian dating app UK: A full guide

I’m just going to say it bluntly – dating apps can be incredibly difficult places to navigate for lesbians. Many dating apps are not built for queer folk, so you’ll probably get a weird array of completely irrelevant matches. If you actually get any matches at all, that is.

However, fortunately the last few years has seen more and more lesbian dating apps arriving on the scene. We took a quick look at some of the most popular lesbian online dating Apps for queer people.

HER -An Open-minded site for Queer Dating

Formerly known as Dattch, HER is one of the best lesbian dating apps you can download today.

The HER community is one of the largest, as it has more than 10 million queer people seeking meaningful relationships, with almost no spam or bots on the platform whatsoever.

The platform was created by Queer Womxn, for Queer Womxn – that means that there’s literally no cisgender men popping into your DMs whatsoever.

And, from the first time you download the app, this will be immediately apparent to you. The site blends a traditional dating experience with new features.

There’s an incognito mode if you’re just browsing and not ready to meet up yet, and there’s lots of different filters that you can apply to adjust your search too.

The moderators on Her are appointed to make sure that the app is a safe space for all lesbian and queer folx, and they do a pretty great job of it, which is why the app comes so highly recommended.

And, one of the best things about Her is that the majority of the features are available in the free version. So if you’re a queer woman, it’s worth downloading the iPhone or Android app onto your device and checking it out.

In recent years, PinkCupid has created their own community of lesbian singles looking for partners.

It’s a solid app to download and try out if you’re looking for a dating app designed specifically designed for lesbian women.

There are various different cupid platforms that target different genders and sexualities. The app has a simple design and it is very easy to use.

Most people that sign up to Pink Cupid use the app for the long term. You can create meaningful connections on the platform- you can create your profile for free, and then if you like the app sign up for a premium membership later.

There are a variety of different sexuality and gender options that you can choose from when you sign up to Pink Cupid. If you want different sexuality options, this app may be worth checking out.

One of the downsides of Pink Cupid is that they don’t do as well with moderating the platform as the HER app does, and you will find fake users on there occasionally.

However, these dating profiles are usually pretty easy to identify. So, it may be worth adding Pink Cupid to your monthly subscriptions and checking the platform out.


Zoe is another one of the best dating apps out there when it comes to online dating and social media.

Zoe is an intelligent dating app, and it’s aimed specifically at queer girls. The app is largely focussed around protection of the queer community, meaning that there’s heavy moderation on the platform.

This can mean limited matches, but you’ll know they’ll be better quality and you have a higher chance of finding the perfect match. Every profile is verified ,so you know you’re speaking directly to a person and not a bot.

It is a well-designed app, and it focuses on fulfilling your needs – it’s safe for transgender people and varying gender identities too.

There are free and upgrade versions of Zoe, though the premium version may be a little bit expensive in comparison to mainstream dating apps.

However, it’s still worth signing up for the free version of Zoe to see if it can help you with facilitating connections, whether you’re just looking to make LGBT+ friends online or you’re looking to meet women in real life.

Common Questions about Lesbian dating apps

Is the HER app legit?

Yes, the HER app works exactly as it should, and even though it has millions of users, most of them are genuine queer women looking for genuine relationships with like minded folks. This is a stark contrast to some other apps, which have an increasing percentage of fake profiles that ruin the platform.

What is the best lesbian hook up app?

If you’re looking for hookups with other lesbians, the best dating app for you to try is Her. This is a solely lesbian app, and although many users are looking for a serious relationship, you can find friends and short term hookups via the platform too. Other good choices for lesbian hookups are Bumble and Hinge, as although they are more general dating apps, there are plenty of queer women and non binary people using the platform too.

Is good for lesbians?

Match is not a bad app to download if you’re looking to get on the lesbian dating scene. However, it’s not quite as popular in the UK as it is in the US, which means that not that many women and non binary people are using the platform. It’s one of the most well known mainstream dating apps, and it may be worth checking out if you’re part of the queer community.

What dating app is used most in the UK?

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the UK at the moment, as it has millions of active users on the platform. However, many of the users on Tinder are straight men, with numbers suggesting that less than 20% of users on Tinder identify as cis women, gay women or a non binary person. For this reason, we don’t recommend it as one of the best lesbian dating apps for queer users.


After looking at the most popular dating apps available, there are an increasing number of options for lesbian women. Historically, dating sites have catered to a straight audience, so it’s great to see more options available solely for queer women and non binary people.

We love Her, but it can also be worth downloading the other options in our list and giving the free version of their apps a go.

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