Best itinerary apps for travel planning

When you want to take a break from work and school, planning your next trip away can be the perfect break. However, while travel planning can be fun, there are times when it can become difficult to deal with so many different activities.

For this, downloading the best itinerary app is essential to help you plan out your days whilst you’re away. Here’s a few trip planning apps that you’ll want to check out if you love to schedule your entire trip in advance.


If you’re looking for the most complete travel itinerary planner available then you’ll want to check out Wanderlog.

This app lets you create day-by-day itineraries, which includes downloadable itinerary templates that can be used when you’re offline.

This is perfect when you’re trying to plan your activities when you have no data – for example, when you’re on a flight or on a road trip in the middle of nowhere.

Wanderlog comes up with activity suggestions and makes it easy for you to make a pre-made itinerary based on other online guides, like those from Trip Planner or TripAdvisor.

You’ll also get activity ideas from within the app too, and you’ll also be able to see trips that others using the app create, which can help to give inspiration on your own journey.

It’s very easy to sync the app to your Google e-mail too, which is handy when you want to access travel information quickly – this consists of things like your flight information or accommodation info.

Out of all the itinerary apps available, Wanderlog offers the most comprehensive itinerary planning service and it can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.

It’s great for both solo travelers, but it’s also extremely useful for group travel too. Wanderlog has a very user-friendly interface, and you can plan stuff with others from within the app.

Wanderlog has countless benefits to travellers, and if you want the ability to collaborate then it’s worth downloading the free version to check it out. Then, you can trial Wanderlog Pro for a week to see whether the extra features are beneficial to your needs.

Roadtrippers: Trip Planner

The Road Trippers mobile travel app is, as it sounds, the best app to download if you’re taking a road trip via car. It’s not great for other types of travelling, but if you’re driving on a long journey, you’ll definitely want to download it.

Roadtrippers offers an ideal travel planning app as there are many pre-made guides that you can find within the app – you can emulate those guides and follow the same journey, or edit them slightly suit your own journey.

The app allows for custom route creation, and it can help you to find your optimal route. The app will come up with suggestions for your trip, and this will include activities and sights to see you need to see on your upcoming trip.

There will also be suggestions of restaurants and accommodation options for you too, so you can automatically add them to your detailed itinerary. This app is perfect for those that are planning a road trip – you can use the free version or opt for the paid subscription if you think that you’ll find the app useful.

Though the app is designed for US and Canada, there are a good amount of users in the UK and Europe too. So, whether you’re based this side of the water or the other, it’s worth downloading this app when you want to get a road trip organized.

TripIt Travel Planner

Tripit is an easy to use tool to plan and manage your travel itineraries. The app will automatically creates documents for your trips from your emails, which can include your flights, your hotel and even your rental car.

This travel planning app enables travelers to organize all of their itinerary and hotel details in one place, and is available for iOS and Android devices. Though, many users choose to upload their details via the web browser and then edit or view them via app later on.

TripIt does have a free version, but it can be pretty limited in features. So, it may be worth upgrading to the paid version once you’re sure that it’s the right trip planner app for your needs.

You can also use TripIt to check out flight details too, as well as hotel bookings and activities. You may need to upload these details manually, but once done it makes sense to have all of your stuff in the same location – plus, the auto import function usually works pretty well.

Overall, TripIt is another travel planner app that’s worth downloading if you’re planning travel in the near future.

Packing Pro

Packing is something that everyone hates, but it’s an essential part of any trip. And if you’re like me, there’s a decent chance that you’ll end up forgetting to pack something that you really need.

If this sounds like you, then Packing Pro is definitely worth downloading. They have a variety of different lists that will remember everything that you need to take with you.- their sample packing lists are good starting points to start with, though the app is completely customizable.

Packing Pro has a huge inventory of items, which helps to make sure that you’ll pack everything that you need.

One of the best things about this app is that you can easily collaborate with family and friends, meaning that between you all you’re unlikely to leave anything behind.


If you love looking back at your road trips after you’ve returned home, you’ll definitely want to download Polarsteps. The app will enable you to document the whole trip as and when you travel, as well as enabling you to create your own itinerary too.

What’s different about Polarsteps is that you don’t necessarily need to use the app much to get the most out of it. The app will track your location as you travel, and it’ll make an end-of-day journal for you to check later.

The app also allows you to add photos, videos and descriptions of your journey too. These features are perfect for documenting your adventures.

Polarsteps is definitely recommended for those looking to document the whole trip with pictures and notes, whether you want to make multi-trip journeys or you only have plans for a single trip that you want to look back on.

SYGIC Travel Maps Trip Planner

Sygic TravelMaps is the first travel app that you should download if you’re already using Sygic as your preferred navigation app.

There’s a large database within the app that makes it much easier to find hotels, restaurants, bars, and pretty much whatever else you need when you enter a new location. You cna easily estimate travel times and determine how far a walk will be within the travel planner.

The app also allows you to download online maps, which can then be used for travels in areas where there’s low to zero internet signal.

Though it may not be worth downloading if you’re not a Sygic user, if you’re already familiar with the Sygic apps then it’s worth checking out – it has most common locations within the app, and it’s really easy to add them to your itinerary.


Planning a travel trip should be exciting, and it definitely shouldn’t cause you any stress. But if you’re like me, it can be extremely difficult for regular travellers to keep track of everything they plan to do whilst away.

Hopefully, our variety of travel planner apps can help you structure your next trip master itinerary so you can concentrate on having fun.

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