Best Golf Games for Android & iOS

Experienced golfers and those that know nothing about the sport can spend hours playing golf games on their Android phone. They’re simply addictive games, but it does pose the question of which mobile golf games in best.

Whether you’re simply looking to relax with a simple putting game or you want to play across your own mini golf course in a virtual world, there’s various options available. Here’s some of the best Android golf games you can get from the Google Play store.

Golf Battle

If you’re looking for a realistic golf game then Golf Battle isn’t it. But, if you’re looking for a whole lot of fun, then you’ll definitely want to download Golf Battle to your Android phone.

This game has a great multiplayer mode when you can challenge up to six friends at the same time, which makes it really fun to play with others.

The concept of the gameplay is easy and quick to learn, as the player essentially flicks a ball around the course to win – the swing mechanics aren’t that complex, but it’s a typical arcade style golf game.

There’s a huge amount of unlockable content in the game as you can upgrade both clubs and balls, as well as many levels that you can explore and play through.

There is no classic golf here – this is more dodging slides and rivers to get to the mini golf green. It’s a fun golf game that can be downloaded for free, and it’s one of the better golf games for Android.

Super Stickman Golf 3

Super Stickman Golf 3 is a unique Android golf game that’s different to the rest of the games listed – it moves away from realism and replaces them with fun power ups and collectable cards.

The game’s graphics are well designed and the gameplay is fairly easy to get the hang of, so it’s an easy game to pick up and play golf.

It features various different golf courses that can be played, and several different game modes you can check out too. This includes a turn-based, realtime multiplayer mode which is fun if you’re looking to play golf games with friends.

The game is available for free, but there are some in-app purchases you can opt for if you want to upgrade in game by buying coins. However, they’re not really needed, and this is an enjoyable golf game without spending a penny.

PGA Tour Golf Shootout

As you’d expect in any list of golf games, there’s an official PGA game you can play. And in fairness, PGA Tour Golf shootout is one of the best golf games for Android.

The game offers both a multiplayer mode and single player. Here, you get a daily challenge, and various unlockables that make the game fun. You also get great ball physics and famous golfers in PGA Tour golf shootout.

The game has excellent graphics and real life golf courses, which will probably attract those that love watching golf in real life. It’s an easy-to-play realistic golf game, just what most people will be expecting of any PGA game.

The gameplay is fun, an to be honest you’re not going to get any surprises here. Expectations are for a clean and simple golf game, and that’s exactly what has been delivered with PGA Tour Golf shootout.

OK Golf

OK Golf is one of the easiest Golf games to just pick up and play no matter where you are.

It is a simple game with nice graphics and the mechanics behind your swing work well, but there are some features and different modes that you can play, like a Timed mode that might make things a little tougher.

It does not have tournaments or a club system, which may put some people off from downloading the app, as there’s not much to it.

But whilst it’s not as complex as other golf games that are listed here, that’s really the beauty of OK Golf. It’s one of the best arcade golf games for Android users that just want a mini golf game to play every now and then.

Golf Star

Golf Star is a good golf game to download if you’re looking for multiplayer action, which isn’t that common when it comes to golf games for Android.

The gam includes stunning graphics that are based on the real world, and the realistic physics make it feel like a real golf experience.

There is a multiplayer and single mode available depending upon what you want to choose – you can easily tee off against other players within the Multiplayer mode.

There are also World championships – tournaments and Guilds too – that keep you interested in trying the win the major championships and targeting that Grand Slam.

Golf Star offers various techniques to improve golf experience, and the swing dynamics make it fun to play. Golf Star can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store, so it’s worth checking out as this is one of the best golf games Android users can play.


These games offer some fun ways to pass time and enjoy playing some golf without venturing out onto the green yourself.

Golf has become a popular sport – it’s considered one of the most played sports, though even Tiger Woods might like to trade in the iron for his Android smartphone every now and then.

The Google Play has numerous golf games that you can download – hopefully our rundown of the games above can help you download the right one for you.

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